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thu 26 sep 02

what a beat evening. i'm still working. or rather, i'm just stopping. 10:45. see ya tomorrow.

two slightly older articles, contemplating the bar for 'pre-emption'. first is a bit light. second has more depth. mixing george bush, the united nations, daniel webster, and 'caroline.' interesting bedfellows. but it seems clinton was also leaning towards the pre-emption route.

jane's, 1997: could israel's nuclear assets survive a pre-emptive strike? just happened to run across it, looking for something entirely different.

my ceiling fan is on. did i turn it on? can't remember.

zipcar is a cool idea. wonder if it would work in santa fe?

booknotes is gargling gershwin today. [apologies to the great gonzo.]

devshed: zope page template basics, part one, part two. been thinking about redoing this site in zpt.

xml.com: why am i getting dirty xslt output?

new scientist: martians are on earth.

camworld: trip to siberia, photo album.

arabicnews.com: bahraini women call for civil status law. "... the situation in the shari'a courts is unbearable where women are exposed to great discrimination against them."

washington post: safe childbirth still not a right for afghan women. i also ran across a link mentioning the heroin crop in afghanistan is up 1,400% this season, but it lead to a 404. if you see it, let me know.

national women's health information center: mercury in seafood linked to infertility. eat seafood with something less than moderation?

telegraph.uk: "waif-like models with a spare tire." nothing like the 'donut divas' link of yesterday.

teletext: 'klingon' enters the oxford english dictionary. a deep draught of blood wine to celebrate, anyone?

teletext: the french refugee camp, sangatte, will close. [teletext urls tend to rot. let me know if it goes dead.]

trashlog - "collecting a piece of trash for the internet every day."

national geographic: egypt journal.

council for british archaeology.

nj.com: speaking of the devil, "interior department originally backed tighter snowmobile emissions rules." a case in point - there's no reason why manufacturers could not put emissions controls on products for the next model year.

nasa earth observatory: 50 years of climate change, past and future. "if no emission reductions are made and they continue to increase at the current rate, global temperatures may increase by 1-2 celsius (1.8-3.6 fahrenheit)." this, from 19 institutions, including 7 universities, federal agencies, private industry and other nasa centers. environmentalist that i am, i still feel 'global warming' is the wrong wagon to invest in. each new climate model bounces back ... "it's bad!" ... "it's good!" there are billions of factors in modeling global warming trends. predicting it is probably (my assumption) about as accurate as predicting the weather. we can spot a trend, but we can't tell what our temperature's going to be in three days ... and certainly not to a single degree of accuracy. how can you predict a degree of change 50 years in the future? we've seen that you can't - the current theories change on a weekly basis, if you follow the subject. we're arguing over *theory.* i'd rather concentrate on today's reality. pollution [in general, not air pollution in specific] has immediate local and regional effects that can be acted upon - take care of those, and the big picture will clear. as has been said for a long time, "act locally, think globally." that's just a subset of my opinions, but i felt like opining a bit.

xml.com: the state of python xml.

iht: lifestyles of the rich and shameless. give it up for ... ceo style!

osnews: a deeper look into lindows.

onlamp: using sound on freebsd.

daily dish: kerry takes a swipe at gore - "... the republicans are concerned that he won't run." [scroll down the page.]

btw, silva looks very promising, at first glance. cmf competition?

freshmeat: silva web authoring system [zope], phpdnsadmin, tkalbum [photo album].

byte: flirting with mac os x. "it took only 24 hours from the moment my review powerbook arrived to the moment i felt comfortably at home with all my various development and productivity tools."

silicon strategies: intel demos 4.7 ghz chip. but i just bought my 2ghz!

slashdot: mandrake 9.

pffft ... methylsalicylate's autopsied us.

usnews.com: the better angel. why we still argue over the civil war. "men fight from sentiment. after the fight is over they invent some fanciful theory on which they imagine that they fought."

bbc: assisi frescoes rise from the rubble. an earthquake shattered some of the frescoes, and the ceiling collapsed, killing four innocents. now computers are putting the frescoes back together again, chunk by chunk.

new scientist: atomic airbrush could save fire-damaged monet.

times of india: condi rice opens her mouth, and this comes out - "but if it comes to allowing another adversary to reach military parity with the u.s. in the way that the soviet union did, no, the u.s. does not intend to allow that to happen ..." [later: i think the key here is the definition of 'adversary.']

times of india: south africa denies supplying uranium to iraq.

times of india: explosives found on moroccan plane in france.

ny times opinion: why iraq can't be deterred. best case i've heard for the pro-invasion side.

ny times letters to the editor: oil's effects on africa.

ny times: panel says bell lab scientist faked discoveries. molecular-scale transistors, for one.

ny times: taxpayers owe billions for nuclear waste storage.

ny times: hollywood's gadget factories.

ny times: in policy shift, u.s. will talk with north korea. "... ending 20 months of internal debate ..."

santa fe new mexican: believe it or not, we have apple orchards in the high desert of new mexico here. but this year, pickings will be slim - but tasty.

reuters: a brokerage assistant involved in martha stewart's imclone trades may go grass.

groggy this morning. the combo of foods i had for dinner last night made for restless sleep.