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fri 27 sep 02

i go out with my film camera, rather than the digital, and of course the sun goes behind a cloud.

sun's setting, storm to the east giving dark blue/grey background, sunflowers get a soft shaft of light:

sunflowers, september 2002.

i have to put different albums into my mp3 rotation. you ever get so busy, that you don't have time to rip anything ... and hearing the same songs is making you mental?

steves digicams: minota dimage x. maybe the perfect size for weblogger meetups, and mirror shots? thnx, oh great timesink.

fridays. whaddaya going to do about 'em? work 'till they turn into weekends, i guess.

huh? boulder is considering genetically-modified plants for its parks? "... allow them to be grown in projects to restore lands overcome by invasive, non-native weed species." one wonders what roundup will do to *native* species that might still be trying to eke out their living. maybe noone cares. general observation - living in santa fe, we have some beautiful, hardy "weeds." they're even more important in drought situations to keep topsoil in place. some may not be native, but they sure are pretty. but the nature conservancy says this is ok, i guess i'm supposed to fall in line and say it's ok. yet i remain, as ever, skeptical. via blah.

well, i lost that entire line of opinion. i'll rewrite it if i have more time, later on.

problems for afghanistan: heroin harvest soars, u.n. says it needs $64 million to provide food for afghan winter, a new 'alliance threatens suicide attacks against u.s. troops, afghanistan has a "cash crunch." and iraq will be a walk in the park, right? this is why i believe we need to hear comprehensive post-hussein iraq proposals debated in congress.

roll call: congress needs to challenge bush doctrine.

environmental defense: unocal admits to indonesian oil spill. "the oil spill, which has apparently been allowed to continue for almost a month, was only announced by unocal yesterday."

minds island: basic rules of art photography. as in, how to photograph paintings. i read that title, and thought something else, too.

iht: jack nicholson hammers the nail in. avoid "self-defeating pieces of constant public relations."

every time i copy files from a mac zip or cd to windows, i have to search-and-destroy the 'finder.dat' and 'resource.frk' garbage. annoying.

yahoo: paul newman to return to broadway. at 77.

dp review: even better sigma sd-9 samples.

freshmeat: offline imap, pyblosxom [blog], phplist [mail list], mysitemaker, moodle [php course mgmt], fudforum [php/mysql].

the register: windows xp version 2 mooted for 2003?

johns hopkins university press: book, rogue states and u.s. foreign policy. sounds like a good source for background info.

nuclearfiles.org: containment. do take the time and peruse. goes far in explaining american support of dubious governments during the cold war years. remainder of the site is quite interesting as well.

hitchen's sign-off at the nation is of note. hadn't had the chance to peruse it.

the new york review of books dives into william buckley. i may not agree with his politics, but i greatly admire his erudition.

sf gate: stanford professor seeks to overturn copyright extension act.

times of india: aborigines regain largest piece of australia. give the black hills back to the sioux.

times of india: u.s. forces set up military base in djibouti.

times of india: nations can resort to pre-emptive strikes, says united states. one wonders when this policy, if not *definitely* laid out, will be turned against us, our allies, or our interests.

spampal, for windows. imap compatibility is coming. timely. all of a sudden, i'm getting bombarded. via broomeman.

ny times letters to the editor: the partisan rancor over iraq. linked for one line only: "now let's return to our two-party system, where principled debate on war and peace is patriotic."

ny times letters to the editor: bhopal's victims.

ny times editorial: the greater nuclear danger. if there's no other way to get it ... *buy* it. cheaper than the other alternatives ...

ny times: 36 hours in santa fe. they did a decent job ... catching pasqual's, and harry's road house (including my fave, the blue corn turkey enchiladas). for the hike, i'd send people farther up to aspen vista, as folks have seen in some of my photo galleries.

santa fe new mexican: love your job enough to get tattooed with your business' name?

between listening to npr and reading cnn this morning, the iraq situation is just getting too *weird.*