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sat 28 sep 02

now, screw this blogging stuff whilst i play with this new printer ...

of course, at that point i decided to pack things in and just try to get home before the cow mutilations started and the black helicopters showed up ...

sum total of strange things seen on the way to and from albuquerque: one horse trailer, with the horses put in backwards (facing backwards). ever see a horse toss its cookies? interstate garbage collected in bags, getting blown into the road from sudden storms ... creating a quick dodge 'em obstacle course for myself, two other cars, and a semi truck. an individual so drunk, in the dark, that he drove into the median, nailing a couple dozen chamisa bushes, before finding his way back to the pavement ... still doing 85 ... then weaving from shoulder to passing lane, periodically slamming on his brakes to a full stop. [passed him during a panic stop, almost off the shoulder.] later, in santa fe, a white honda civic with strange revolving silver gear on the roof. drive up close, the door says: "ghostbusters, minor apparitions unit."

actually, i should amend that. no, i don't have the time. but somehow, dangerousmeta! happens anyway ...

anil, i type fast. html code, css code and everything, over 100 wpm. i read even faster than typing - i finish a standard novel in an afternoon. wish i couldn't. my monthly reading budget would last longer.

back again, with an epson stylus photo 925 in tow. the first print to come out was ... unbelievable. i almost cried. makes my old epson 800 not only look sick, but retarded as well.

gotta burn some greenbacks in albuquerque. computer supply run. back later.

opinion journal: i never thought i'd link peggy noonan, ever again. but i think we're all thinking about the war/no war issues. it is interesting. read it.

ny times: slave labor in irish convents as terrible as prison. teens who engaged in premarital sex, or were unruly, were sent off to convents as slave labor. the last convent laundry was closed in 1996. good god.

okay, so i'm bizarre. you knew that, right?

nj.com: in a dark, musty basement, an indiana jones fantasy unfolds. now that could be fun. bury replica relics all over my property, let time expose them ... even after i've moved away or died. leave a completely undocumented mystery; what a lovely, creative thing to spur imaginations.

ibm developerworks: dynamic content with tomcat and mysql.

the register: a malicious win xp help center request wipes your hard drive. sp1 has the fix.

first things: book review, return to reason.

times of india: american indians push bill to preserve sacred sites.

times of india: the uk's former prime minister, john major, was diddling with a junior minister. while in office, pushing a return to victorian morality.

ny times: the jack welch war plan, frank rich. "coordination between the f.b.i. and the c.i.a. remains so spotty that as of the 9/11 anniversary congress still had not received an updated, cross-agency accounting of iraq's nuclear, chemical and biological arms capabilities."

ny times letters to the editor: messing with lubbock. sorry, sir, i'd wager mr. bush *does* know lubbock [don't die of shock]. last time i was there, travelling through, a youth filled up with gas next to me ... and took off without paying, ripping the hose out of the pump. i was left with a very positive impression of lubbock.

ny times: the central park jogger case continues to boggle law enforcement. treading carefully, never admitting any mistakes ... liability lawyers are watching, drooling.

ny times: outside 401(k) plans, stock ownership declines.

ny times magazine: shabana is late for school. an 11 year old afghan girl goes to school.

ny times: out of a job, and no longer looking. did 'welfare reform' just shift the burden, to 'social security disability?'

reuters: grim tidings seen in measly u.s. yields. "... with treasury yields hitting fresh historic lows almost every day, more and more bond analysts are concluding that the u.s. economy is in for a far longer spell of poor performance than economists generally assume."

reuters: bush drive on u.n. resolution hits snags.

reuters: 'twiggy' returns to the catwalk. excuse me for saying so, but she looks better now. curves over angles.

cnn: china hands over remains of downed world war 2 air crew. my never-found uncle used to fly the hump; he went missing in a sudden severe snowstorm over washington state, doing a training run. if you folks in seattle ever hear about the remains of a world war two snj/at6 being found, let me know. my dad always theorized uncle benny must've landed short, in puget sound someplace. he was a navy airman, and once scared the bejesus out of the marines in quantico while visiting my father by landing as if he was hitting a carrier [wing slip to smash on the ground, using minimal runway space]. the usual young hot-dog flier. lots of stories.

'theblog', amit kothari, is back. i forgot how lovely that space theme is of bryan's.

gentle rain fell almost all night. skylights aren't as good as tin roofs, but they're darned close. slept good.