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mon 30 sep 02

much to learn from the classics, my friends.

"it follows, if i judge well in my division, that the evil we love is our neighbors', and this love arises in three ways in your clay.
there is he who through his neighbor's abasement hopes to excel, and solely for this desires that he be cast down from his greatness;
and there is he who fears to lose power, favor, honor and fame because another is exalted, wherefore he groweth sad so that he loves the contrary;
and there is he who seems to be so shamed through being wronged, that he becomes greedy of vengeance, and such must needs seek another's hurt."
- dante alighieri, purgatorio.

the dante project.

asia times: despite warnings, india bent on gm crops. read the article. looks like india may be the guinea pig for the rest of the world.

dp review: along with the sd9 camera, sigma released three big zooms. the 80-400 has image stabilization on board, 77mm filter size.

the register: aqua eye-candy comes to the pc.

cnn: the face of boy-king tutankhamen.

sunset tonight:

sunset, september 30, 2002.

startribune: u.s. helped iraq start bioweapons program. it disturbs me most that rumsfeld doesn't know of these. it'd be nice to know what our boys might be facing, if they wage war, wouldn't it?

iraq watch: iraq and the rules of the nuclear game, 1991. just another data point. "iraq could build such a device in six months to a year, and probably longer ... [snip] ... the device would be too bulky to deliver by missile or even by aircraft, and might not even detonate."

voa: amount of uranium seized in turkey overstated. actually around five ounces. you see, originally they weighed the lead container, too. jury's still out whether it's 'weapons grade.' i believe the accepted amount required for a decent uranium bomb is 120 pounds of the stuff. check that link for even more info, such as: "... experts note that put together, all the known cases of attempted trafficking in highly enriched uranium or plutonium wouldn’t total anything near the amount needed to build a single bomb." certainly this incident didn't add much to that total.

washington times: agency disavows report on iraq nuclear capability. "mr. gwozdecky said there is no evidence about saddam's nuclear capability right now — either through his organization [the international atomic energy agency], other agencies or any government." if no direct link to al-qaeda, no nuclear capability anytime soon ... then ...

enough for the moment.

msnbc: weblog central. "your gateway to the world of personal news."

women's enews: ladies, you may not want to visit washington state events. court rules looking up skirts as legal.

washington post: pregnancy policing in iowa. "the surprise was that most health care providers turned over records, names, addresses and phone numbers. without a peep and without a patient's consent."

black world today: hawks justify iraq attack as war for democracy. is there an instance in recent history where a change of regime has resulted in a domino-effect across neighboring countries? i can't think of any.

mail & guardian: why nelson mandela is angry. "quite clearly we are dealing with an arch-conservative in dick cheney ... my impression of the president is that this is a man with whom you can do business. but it is the men around him who are dinosaurs, who do not want him to belong to the modern age."

interesting. rafe discusses using rss to read weblogs. i don't have a single weblog in my rss aggregator at present. i guess i just correlate rss with raw news sources, as opposed to the more discursive nature of weblogs. i'll have to put a few of my faves in, and give it another try.

whyaduck.com. "you look like the prince of wales. not one of the new wales; the old wales. believe me, i know a wale when i see one ..." there's a revival theatre in santa fe (with couches), and i'm praying they do an all-night marx brothers fest. last time i went to one, the projectionist protested after about four films; he just couldn't stand any more. i was totally bummed - and the only person left in the theatre.

slate: what is an "irish traveler?"

boston globe: kennedy gets the right balance on iraq. i began a discussion this weekend about what i consider a fundamental dogmatic belief that will never allow right vs. left to ever agree on iraq (or any other conflict): the use of force as absolute last resort. still ongoing.

newsmax: pssst - hey, wanna buy some uranium from chernobyl, cheap? compare/contrast with the ny times letter to the editor about 'threats from iraq', below.

counterpunch: civil liberties, post 9/11.

ameinfo: iraq-syria pipeline link violating u.n. sanctions.

politicalwire: odds shift to republicans in november. seems the war strategy was a good bet ... unless the stock market continues to drop.

linuxhardware: athlon 2400+ vs. latest pentiums. mixed bag. looks like choose-by-price, personally.

dp review: coolpix 5000 firmware update.

dp review: canon eos 1-ds samples.

the register: maxtor preps 320 gig hard drive.

os news: red hat 8.0 review.

too much ny timesage today, i see.

times of india: asians see no case for war against iraq.

times of india: u.s. afghanistan operation not so successful.

times of india: european union seeks compromise with u.s. over war crimes court.

washington post: the writing life. "i think that is what any writer wants: to create something that will touch even those who have no intention of liking it." a good definition of weblog writing?

ny times guest opinion: reporters try the silent treatment. bra-vo. read this one. is the press regaining their cojones?

ny times letters to the editor: threats from iraq? questions for bush.

ny times letters to the editor: the problem with democrats. *exactly.* *precisely.*

ny times guest opinion: hussein and al-qaeda are not allies. the bush administration needs to clear up any supposed 'links.' iraq subsidizes terror, but not via al-qaeda. with the rancorous debate going on nationwide (i even overheard it in a shop yesterday!), hairs must be split.

ny times opinion: safire, selling our secrets. nice to see a right-winger also lambasting the morals of our precious multinationals.

ny times: you should have seen the air in '53.

ny times: nancy reagan fights bush over stem cells. "ronald reagan didn't have to take care of ronald reagan for the last 10 years." and that's the bottom line, really.

ny times: number of uninsured rose last year.

ny times: vast details on towers' collapse may be sealed. my first thought was, why? the towers have collapsed. noone's planning to use the same building technique again, are they? second thought, are there other buildings using the same type of construction?

ny times: democrats talk to torricelli about leaving the n.j. race. he should shelve his personal ambition, and think about the party as a whole.

reuters: big feet are no longer a reason to choose one man over another. as julia roberts said in notting hill: "big feet ... big ... shoes."

reuters: gum disease may harm the heart.

reuters: france, russia rebuke u.s. on iraq. "russia rapped washington for sending its warplanes to strike a southern iraq target Sunday, while France slammed the threat of military force contained in the u.s. draft proposal at the united nations."

'tis the season, once again, for mouse remediation. time to reset the traps; someone was tiptoeing through my rafters last night.

a slow start today. peanut butter in my pistons.