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wed 02 oct 02

oh no ... comcast has dropped the scifi channel. there goes my chance to watch farscape ...

galisteo, new mexico mailboxes.


i've said it before, i'll say it again ... amazing the amount of work you can get done, when you ignore weblogging.

back to work.

slashdot: teledesic comes down to earth. teledesic was a cornerstone in the 'bill gates will supplant the internet' conspiranoia. i guess they lost their window of opportunity, in the face of relatively cheap broadband.

freshmeat: freetemplate, phpmember, courseforum.

washington times: g.o.p. fears investor reprisal in november.

nj.com: delahunt proposes war crimes tribunal for hussein.

ny times letters to the editor: the iraq debate. the administration needs to state the case more clearly, direct from the top.

ny times: bush and house leaders reach agreement on resolution. if you read through, bush is re-approaching an old concept, counterproliferation. think of the israeli strike against iraq's nuclear reactor in '81. i like counterproliferation a great deal more than i like pre-emptive war, though it's splitting hairs somewhat.

as i mentioned yesterday, i have to plow through some work. i'm here, and there may be occasional posts ... but nothing like my usual posting days. back to 'normal' by the end of the week, i hope.