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thu 03 oct 02

princeton was such a cool place to grow up. my high school class had their 25th last weekend. i just couldn't make it, due to work and other constraints. wish i could have been there.

i feel like going back in time tonight, back to the corner of aiken avenue and murray place in princeton, and having a really good game of 'kick the can' ... picking the first person to be 'it' by the tried-and-true 'engine, engine, number nine' rhyme. collecting a few lightning bugs in a jar. four-square. flying those 25 cent rubber band and balsa wood airplanes (i had one that would take off from the ground and do perfect circles). hitting the sack in my old bedroom - the one with that crazy huge flourescent overhead my dad thought would help me study (i believe i was having problems with multiplication tables at the time; that light was so bright a nearby supernova would flinch), c.m. russell prints on the wall, and the entire west side covered in books and bookshelves. i remember the titles i looked over so many times, trying to decide what to read next. don quixote. david harum. don't go near the water. for whom the bell tolls. the curious naturalist. travels with a donkey. metamorphoses. from laurel hill to siler's bog. david copperfield. lots of dickens. there was this great green book of greek mythology. i loved that one. black's law dictionary. waking up to the striking of our old grandfather clock. *sigh* can't go back, except spontaneously in that place between dream and awake.

didn't have a chance to grab any pics today, but on the drive home a couple of days ago there were some mildly fabulous clouds building overhead (road is barely visible, bottom left ... get the scale). towers of giants:

mildly fabulous cloudage, october 1, 2002.

bark beetles are killing piñons in santa fe county. driving to get my car's brakes replaced, i began to notice quite a few more brown ones than just a couple of weeks ago. some areas are 100% gone. the areas around i-25 look to be about 1/3 dead. the lower the altitude, warmer climate, the more dead, i believe. junipers seem to be unaffected. i'll have to brave the sap and check all the trees on my property ...

reuters health: sequencing of mosquito and plasmodium genomes raises hope for malaria control. exciting news.

women's enews: despite promises, zimbabwean women not given land. "women compose 52 percent of the zimbabwean population, yet they provide 70 percent of the country's agricultural labor ..."

black world today: yesterday. u.n. credibility at stake over iraq. "... the u.s. effort to win support in the security council is already leading to the kind of over-the-top bribes and threats that characterised the run-up to the passage of resolution 678 authorising war against iraq in 1990."

zdnet: has apache peaked?

the register: realbasic to be ported to windows.

abcnews: who was the afghan woman, shot by the taliban in the soccer field? go with god, zarmina.

enn: shell helps a dutch city go 100% solar. didn't know shell had a 'solar' arm.

independent.uk: arctic pollution causing genetic mutation in wildlife. i altered their sensationalist title a bit. pcb's are allegedly causing polar bears to have dual sets of sex organs. what maladies will surface in the inuit?

iht: journalism and the rumors of war. networks jockeying to be the 'official' network of *gulf war II.*

ace's hardware: athlon 2800+, 333fsb, nforce 2. pretty darned fast; athlon remains competitive with pentium.

newsfactor: os wars, bsd vs. linux.

but to be above the partisan fray, it's a terrible precedent to set, without concrete limits [minimum time prior to election, what if a candidate dies, etc. etc.]. i think we all end up shocked to find out that these circumstances have never been addressed before. like i said, it's going to be interesting to see if the supremes step in.

ny times: g.o.p. wants to take the torricelli ruling to the supreme court. it will be interesting if they choose to take it; will they honor states' rights? the 7-0 ruling is only applicable in the state of new jersey; not nationwide [the media is deliberately fuzzing this]. the pdf of the decision shows it is based on prior state case law. trivia: five of the n.j. supreme court justices were appointed during republican christie whitman's administration (washington post says six). during the florida election dustup, i remember conservative commentators making comments about how 'if a republican governor had appointed justices to the florida supreme court, this never would have happened." well then, what happened in new jersey? [i've heard some calling christie a 'liberal republican.' guess that's an insult?] if you didn't realize each state is a backwater of *interesting* legal precedents, welcome to the real world.

the register: ms releases security patch for help system issue.

slashdot: cheap ssl certificates. directnic has been my registrar of choice; easy, simple ... if a bit on the 'colorful happy joy' side. in transferring some of my domains, verisign hasn't even bothered with email approvals. how's that for secure?

still busy.