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fri 04 oct 02

cnn: canada to make 10 new huge national parks. i'd think about becoming canadian, to take advantage of those parks full-time, but i can't stand that green beer they drink ... (grin) ...

canyon road, friday evening gallery openings (the santa fe ritual):

canyon road, art hung outside a gallery.

freshmeat: php content management system.

slashdot picks up on 'digital quality surpassing film?' the discussions are interesting, as per usual.

i'm an absolute vacuum of bloggable info today.

cnn: the long path, 300+ mile trail in the northeast.

the magdalene institution.

dp review: photokina 2002 show report.

ft.com: misunderstanding the rice doctrine. 'realist multilateralism.' hmmm.

backstage: american guild of musical artists regulates use of theatrical smoke during performances. for our larger productions, we used this stuff quite often. i still gag at the thought of the 'orange mint' fog used at one venue. horrible stuff. a portable asthma attack, really, if you get a good faceful.

times of india: first u.n. human rights probe in saudi arabia. focusing on the judiciary.

ny times op-ed: the stones of baghdad. they can't get pencils because of the possible weapons use of graphite? note the comments about depleted uranium and basra. i'd wondered about war's detritus, and the effect on health in iraq.

i'm still stacked with work. but don't ya know, fridays are always slow on the weblogging scene anyway.

... ?