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sun 06 oct 02

the 'not in our name' demonstrations took place in santa fe. one sign: 'aggression is transgression.' didn't see anyone with 'opposing political expediency is not deliberate ignorance' ...

sorry for the low compression, but they jpeg huge.

and another:

aspens, santa fe ski basin road.

strange year. on some slopes, the aspens are just changing from green to yellow. on others, completely bare of leaves. much is just brown instead of yellow. very dry still, but i got some decent shots. here's one:

aspens, santa fe ski basin road.

ny times: anyone seen any democrats lately? "at the moment, the bush team is leading the nation much more by fear than by hope." synchronicity. i've heard almost those exact words from at least half a dozen people this week, of all political stripes.

sun's out. motivation?