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fri 11 oct 02

have to leave it there.

fairy tales for the erudite.

political wire: will republican senator chaffee switch parties, post-election?

cnet on mit's open courseware project.

msnbc: a rare dinosaur mummy.

bbc: global cd slump accelerates. does noone in the record industry watch the behavior of the stock market? my discretionary income ain't exactly generous at the moment. haven't seen a single cd marketed to my demographic, either, lately.

ny times op-ed: revolving door monsters. good points, but also reveals the dangers of viewing the past through our current lens. many forget that our alliances of the 80's were specifically to counter the soviet union and iran. doesn't excuse short-sightedness, but doesn't it make you want to peruse our american military sales to foreign countries a bit more closely? looks like we've been turning u.a.e. and yemen into fortresses. u.a.e. is probably pretty stable, but yemen is the poorest of the arab nations, with economic and population issues.

ny times letters to the editor: low expectations.

ny times letters to the editor: the lonely voice of senator byrd.

ny times: montana candidate, citing smear campaign, ends senate bid. smear? if he didn't expect this to come out, he's irretrievably naive. talk about your past coming back to haunt you: "... the viewer hears disco music and sees a bearded and thinner mr. taylor at work in a clip from a series of television shows, 'beauty corner,' that he produced in denver, promoting fashion, beauty tips and hair care products."

ny times: putin says u.n. may reach deal on iraq.

ny times: jimmy carter wins nobel peace price. text of his acceptance. for those who will denigrate his peaceful achievements, he served our navy well. our last president to graduate from a military academy; it is so ironic that he will forever be remembered by the failed iran hostage rescue attempt. sand in the air filters of the newly-deployed helicopters, wasn't it? totally unrelated to his leadership role. anyway, in grabbing that link, ran across the information that richard nixon was a quaker?!!

santa fe new mexican: hispanic dropout numbers soar.

boy, the stock market's not cruising, but it's nice to see it climbing.

overslept, so now i have to catch up.