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sat 12 oct 02

also, i've almost got a new 'discussion group' item working. it'll be 'invitation-only' for the present. or 'upon-request.' it's still not the best, but better than what i've got. public should be able to view, however, once i do a bit more debug work.

i ran across an interesting tip today ... to sharpen your photos, without getting those haloes around detail, try this: convert to lab color [image - mode - lab] in photoshop, click the channels palette, highlight only the 'lightness' channel, and sharpen just *that* channel. since you're not sharpening all the color layers, you'll have more leeway with sharpness, without the haloing. convert back to rgb or cmyk, whatever you're doing, afterwards. seems to work! too good, that one, not to share ...

some flowers, snapped at santa fe greenhouses:

flowers, a greenhouse in santa fe, october 12.

"bad hemingway."


environmental news network: the inuit are 'sticking to blubber' (their 'joke', not mine), in spite of the cancer risk.

tom's hardware: micro pc, p4/2400. got cargo pants? looks like this'll fit in a pocket ...

ny times: the forgotten domestic crisis ... health care. you'd better believe this is a crisis.

ny times: jerry falwell apologizes for mohammed criticism. "the comments angered muslims around the world, triggering hindu-muslim clashes in western india on friday and saturday that left at least nine people dead." open your mouth without forethought, and inadvertently kill people. in my mind, an apology isn't enough.

btw, it was nice to escape weblogging and the 'iraqification' of the news today. it's like a black hole that sucks me in.

the albuquerque balloon 'fiesta' has been going on all this last week, but i burned myself out on it over the past two years. kodak dropped sponsorship this year. i don't know if they still do the balloon fests at solberg in new jersey, but that fest made up in quality what albuquerque does in quantity. i enjoyed that smaller venue much more. other new mexicans will probably crucify me for that statement ...

oops. it would help if i could remember to ftp the picture to my hosting space, before posting the img tag here, wouldn't it?

a 'guest contributor' was using my camera this morning, and caught dawn breaking:

dawn, santa fe, october 12.

sorry 'bout that. got sidetracked on other things, answering some emails, getting out of the house.