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mon 14 oct 02

holy crow! forget the slide scanner purchase. check out dirtcheapscans.com.

great quote, iowa.

that previous post brought up a random thought i had over the weekend, while responding to an email. we supplied iraq with biologicals, chemicals, and other weapons ... if we prosecute the iraq high command of war crimes, might the u.s. be "accessories before the fact?" puts another spin on our pursuit of exemption from the international war crimes court.

houston chronicle: helen thomas, "sorry sir, we're still not persuaded." via booknotes.

iol, oct. 8: women, stay away from sexy men. "to put it another way, the attractive males put so much effort into buying the red ferrari to attract females, they have no money to put into the education of their kids." fewer offspring survive, in the fly kingdom. can this be applied to humans? i've seen a few that mimic this ...

xml and web services mag looks at xml spy.

cnn: muslim leaders accept falwell apology. would falwell have been as forgiving, if a muslim leader had called jesus a terrorist, then apologized in similar fashion?

iwon: oil trades higher after bali bomb blasts. gas is at $1.75 in santa fe; how're you doing?

black world today: u.s. polluters escape sanctions under bush.

i hear rumors of zope 2.6 (with better memory management) going final in the next couple of weeks. [unverified]

the logo of 'the ecologist' looks very similar to 'the economist.'

boston globe: bush's victory cost plenty.

nj.com: california has worst-in-years air pollution season. 'smog stew.' to my eye, it's been smoggier down albuquerque way this year.

edie: prenatal exposure to pcb's changes play behavior in children.

scotland on sunday: race to break camel slavery. it should be titled 'child slavery,' and almost makes the dickens' workhouse look like club med.

washington post letters to the editor: france's role in a genocide.

history channel tonight. "the ship." a voyage to the 1860's.

wired: ibm promises muscle for the mac. this article mentions another link at barefeats, comparing speeds of athlon, pentium and g4 mp systems. nice to find independent verification of my athlon/xp purchase decision. $800 for my athlon box looks like one hell of a deal right now.

washington post: "vegetarianism is harmless enough, although it is apt to fill a man with wind and self-righteousness."

andante: maria callas suffered from dermatomyositis. rewrite your histories.

guardian unlimited: publish, and be damned. a client of mine ran into this malady. a magazine writer aspired to be a new 'tim cahill,' and devastated my client in print ... completely unjustly. beautiful photography, and prose of condemnation. i'd have sued.

ny times op-ed: safire talks possible terrorist around washington, but also ... calls for gun registration.

ny times letters to the editor: war crimes court. "... do you all really believe no american could be guilty of war crimes?"

slashdot gets 'times-ed'.

ny times: states forfeit unspent u.s. money for child health insurance. "large amounts of federal money intended to provide health insurance to children are going unused, federal officials say, even though 8.5 million children are uninsured."

ny times: bombing in bali seen as opening a new front on terror.

reuters: big news! skunks stink. actually, i enjoy the smell of a good skunk spray. dirty diaper bins ... count me out.

i have to ask. why do the major media outlets persist in showing 'young' photos of bin laden? he has been photographed with a long grey streak in his beard, looking stockier, carrying a cane. yet they persist in posting younger, 'prettier' pictures. what's wrong with reality? or is it just a resolution thing, and i should just peddle my peanuts?

cnn: schools reviving a dead language. amo, amas amat. passive pluperfect. fifth declension. genetive, accusative. long live spqr! [eight years of latin, here.]

cnn: meat producer recalls 24.7 million pounds of deli meat. "each package being recalled bears the plant number p-1351 inside the u.s.d.a. mark of inspection and a production date." don't just throw it away, though ... try to take it back to the store you bought it from, and get your money back. accountability.

better get some posts up, eh?