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tue 15 oct 02

ny times: restore hetch hetchy in yosemite. say it three times fast.

reuters: 'potato powder' stops bleeding, may help surgery. spudblood!

reuters: "trial, interrupted." not really following this, but had to take advantage of the opportunity to title that.

cnn: so sad. richard harris, known recently as "albus dumbledore" from the harry potter movie, has cancer. they project he'll be able to handle the third movie.

received in snail mail today. good idea, i may vote early ... but to help achieve an opposing victory. sorry, george. the two articles at the bottom are bernalillo county papers, discussing the possibility of lines at voting areas, because of a lengthy ballot (85 items) ... in bernalillo. i'm in santa fe. misleading. the obverse says long lines in 'some counties,' but not a single specific mention of santa fe. oh, yes ... it lists only santa fe early voting locations, not bernalillo county. i must assume we don't have this long-ballot problem, but they wanted me to vote early, anyway ...

sorry, george.

sometimes you don't have time to cook a proper meal. then, when you finally have that chance, the smell of onions, garlic and spices in the midst of sauté ... renders one speechless. they could bring the dead back to life; this heady fragrance is overripe with rich, juicy sustenance.

slashdot: mac os x to get a journaling filesystem ... at a 10 - 15% performance cost.

political wire: senators can't update their websites within 60 days of election. so much for dreams of politicians with weblogs.

sourceforge: "php home edition."

boston globe: as a presidential candidate, he's ideal. vermont's howard dean.


arabic news: morocco's king wants more equal treatment for women. "[morocco] is followed by syria, which has 25 women m.p.'s out of 250, tunisia, which counts 16 female m.p.'s out of 175 and egypt where 11 women are m.p.'s."

nature: co-q-10 may slow parkinson's. the usual 'health food' caveats apply.

space daily: russia's oldest nuclear subs to be scrapped shortly. whither the nuclear fuel?

women's enews: battle in maine, between a ... er ... pro-choice republican, and a no-choice democrat.

bias in the blogosphere. another analysis of our little pastime, once again wearing the blinders of 'warblogging.' we didn't just post current events after 9/11; each new influx of webloggers have rewritten history to reflect their brief dominance. meant in all kindness, but folks who write these articles should be interviewing the people who started the phenom, as well as early adopters, before making generalizations [no matter how well wrapped in prose]. the points about bias are excellent. leaving the newsstand today, i realized how rightward our virtual world has shifted; rightward and polarized. via the superlative wood s lot.

freshmeat: update to spam assasin.

u.s. climate change science program. the bush administration's take on climate change; put on your 'watch list.'

le monde diplomatique: a question of human rights. "once again, the human rights record of a country is used selectively to legitimise military actions."

style: body art moves into mainstream. i can't help seeing the obverse - the faded, meaningless symbols on the slack muscles and loose skin of the elderly folks these individuals will become. looks good now, but later ... yuck-o.

political wire: if zogby is correct, senate stays democratic. but really, still too close to call.

freshmeat: bugmall shopping cart, phoenix browser 0.3, phpesp [php, mysql, surveys].

slashdot: book review, 'constructing accessible websites.'

salon: "hey waitress!"

times of india: al-qaeda building new 'command center' in pakistan. time to split hairs over 'ally' and 'terrorist-sponsor nation,' i guess.

times of india: u.s. carries out missile defense test. just a brief item, but it sounds like it was successful. don't know the parameters of the test, however.

guardian.uk: "she was a big, vulgar woman with missing teeth ..." continuing coverage of the frida kahlo phenom.

new criterion: undressing the victorians.

santa fe new mexican: bill richardson proposes a park & ride system from santa fe and española to los alamos. good!

ny times editorial: terror's calling card in bali. "the united states continues to run up against conflicts between its desire to bolster its allies in the islamic world and the need to take a stand against corruption and anti-democratic governments."

moby lives: history lessons. an appropriate link to throw light on the item below.

ny times letters to the editor: necessary wars. these kinds of letters scare me. "the civil war solved the problem of slavery." this person probably hasn't picked up a history book since 5th grade.

ny times: traffic cameras could help solve crimes. an acquaintance, just prior to the y2k event, pointed to one of those cameras and said, "big brother's watching you." i figured he was nuts. maybe not.

ny times: ohio plans to teach the 'evolution debate.' let's hope they remember to teach that their 'intelligent designer' may also be 'intelligently designed' ...

multiple meetings this morning.