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wed 16 oct 02

ny times: u.s. not certain if north korea has the bomb. i'll be interested in hearing the administration's explanation why high-level talks with the north koreans sat on a back burner for almost two years.

you know you live in the southwest, when you get a dead animal skull for your birthday ... and you're happy about it:

cowskull rules.

internetnews.com: a new 'severe' internet explorer flaw. later: picked up an old bit of news. sorry. thanks, bill, for pointing it out.

silicon valley/internet.com: doubleclick and macromedia to collaborate. i assume more, and more targeted, flash ads coming our way soon.

web host industry review: trellix keeps quietly making the 'big deals.' now they're supplying *earthlink* with web site tools. congrats to dan.

bbc: the royal society of chemistry honours ... sherlock holmes.

nature: west nile virus may be evolving. paralysis.

women's enews: conservatives push for 'marriage promotion' programs.

bbc: in the 'bloody sunday' inquiry, a soldier testifies the army fired first, without reason. via somebodydial911.

asia times: afghanistan: pakistan's "new force" to the rescue? strange title, good article. read this one to get what looks like a solid take on what hard-line groups in pakistan may mean for america.

environmental news network: running on 100% biodiesel.

nj.com: epa completes 42 superfund cleanups.

absolutearts: deceptions and illusions: five centuries of trompe l’oeil painting. at the national gallery of art, washington.

unix review looks at yellow dog linux 2.3 for ppc.

ibm developerworks: make python run as fast as c with psyco.

freshmeat: ayam [renderman], php xml parser, php feed parser [rss], fudforum[php].

slashdot: open ssh 3.5 is out.

times of india: u.s. sikhs to combat religious bias with education. sad to see that in america, having a beard and a turban makes you a terrorist.

times of india: oh ho! pre-emptive strikes by india unacceptable: u.s. read it. i was just discussing this via email with another blogger, over the weekend.

la times: here come the propaganda shorts and films.

globe and mail: echo chambers, artspeak, and attitude.

ny times letters to the editor: "nuclear" isn't the only word we mangle.

ny times op-ed: justice in the central park jogger case.

ny times travel: ancient tombs, in timeless landscapes.

ny times: ruling opens a new debate on abortion.

santa fe new mexican: peter fonda roars into the santa fe plaza, to kick off the santa fe film festival. unfortunately, not even a replica of 'captain america' made an appearance.

i turn 43 today. i've decided to not see it in any sort of conventional 'negative' light [you know, moan, groan ... another birthday], but to just concentrate on being the best damned 43 i can be. there's enough angst in the world; i'd rather have some fun.