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thu 17 oct 02

warning: mozilla 1.2b invalidates any skins you may be using. they want 'updated' ones. so you'll be stuck with classic or modern for a bit. i'm running classic with text-only for the moment. later: mozdev has better indications of what themes have been updated. the little red/orange 'zilla indicates the build for 1.2. orbit 3+1's pretty cool.

contrast the below link with upi: states cut social services in down economy. with the feds paying for war and tax cuts, i doubt the lower echelons of society will see any relief.

ny daily news: an explosion of homeless. "on oct. 9, the city set a record, sheltering nearly 37,000 people."

scientific american: star clinches case for milky way's supermassive black hole.

new scientist: teen angst rooted in a busy brain.

nj.com: agriculture department says that some of the listeria-tainted recalled meat entered the school lunch program. you might want to have your kids avoid school lunches for a bit.

the guardian.uk says new e.u. rules to end ban on gm foods, whereas the bbc says gm food laws tighten. read, judge for yourself.

nj.com: united states handing over caches of weapons to afghan warlords, as afghan military struggles.

all the speculation i'm reading about the maryland/virginia sniper is beginning to sound like colonel flagg [click the wav file] in m*a*s*h ... cover all the permutations, one is bound to be correct.

the exploration of self: what artists find when they look in the mirror. spend some compare/contrast time with the mirror project.

'librarian avengers.'

lost in translation.

national post online: new climate change culprit. "the recent mammoth methane discovery in an earthquake zone near vancouver island suggests that the natural release of such gases could be a large driver of climate change, possibly even its largest driver." ah, all life is tenuous, and precious. too bad we forget that fact, often.

new york post: martial arts bully beats up little girl. the title in no way explains the situation - a black belt in tae-kwon-do seems to have savagely beaten a two-year-old. "... lacerations to danesia's liver and pancreas were found during exploratory surgery. her intestines also were crushed." i've always assumed that upon reaching black belt, one would have some measure of wisdom as to how and when to use force. but then, with karate studios popping up all over, maybe the 'bad karate instructor' stereotype from 'the karate kid' is more journalistic than i thought.

national post online: how i learned to stop fearing art galleries. i would have written it even more humorously, but it's good nonetheless. better know your stuff before walking in a gallery in santa fe; god forbid you should pretend to walk out the door with 'the binder' ... *snicker* ...

ny times: tatyana velikanova, soviet human rights activist, dead at 70. "... was a leading editor of the most important samizdat journal of human rights abuses and spent nearly nine years in prison camp and exile ..." a remarkable woman. i hope to find more information on her story, elsewhere.

freshmeat: beos max 2.

plone 1.0beta2 [zope]. works on top of the cmf, and looks much better than the last time i peeked. i'm waiting for the release version before i consider it for this weblog.

mozilla 1.2 beta.

scotsman.uk: ukraine's mafia takes up archaeology.

ny times: books for the asking. in re: print-on-demand.

guardian.uk: old trouble at alexandria's new library.

ny times: consumers face a tricky maze in guarding personal privacy. "it's hard to imagine a greater exercise in futility."

reuters: is the end in sight for 'free news' on the web? say goodbye to rss feeds, aggregators, and many weblogs if that happens. i could never afford to pay for all the sources i hit in an average day, even in micropayments.

reuters: fish oil may relieve stubborn depression.

reuters: santana and ... placido domingo?

the times of india thinks we've been 'suckered,' and we've only offered up a 'timid' response.

reuters: bush 'troubled' by north korea's nuclear arms program. he must be squirming like a tadpole. which is worse, the oil-and-future-threat that hussein represents, or the fact that the western u.s. may be within a north korean nuclear taepodong icbm umbrella?

thanks to everyone who posted or sent birthday greetings. i appreciated them all.

meetings, other items seem to be preventing my posting at the moment ...