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fri 18 oct 02

ny times: hostage-taker in germany surrenders. via andrea.

then again, i may try some semi-continuous landscapes, black and white ...

frankly amazed it still has the key ...

i bought a picture frame which has six 3 x 5 (roughly) spaces for photos. been racking my brain for a theme, so i've been putting 'found objects' lying around the domicile on a couple of sheets of paper, and photographing them. my ancient schuco racer:

schuco racer, from the 1960's.

there just ain't much to link, on fridays.

forbes: hepatitis c marketing wars begin. a dear friend's mother has hep c.

the courier-mail: u.s. fears oil supply attacks. interrupting the flow of oil is more dangerous for al-qaeda, but more costly for our fragile economic recovery.

nj.com: the republican representative from the columbine high school district ends moratorium on donations from gun groups. and, rescinds his policy on term limits.

cnn: any drinking and pregnancy don't mix. unless you want a short, thin kid.

roll call: democrats plans for the economy won't win election. "so the nation will ride the bush economic path until 2004 - and judge it, favorably or harshly, in the next presidential election." our liberals are being conservative with their opinions.

the american prospect: deter and contain. making the case for containment of iraq.

the register: student develops 'mouse glove.'

slashdot: *apple* won't be at macworld boston. a poster points up this eweek article as a reason why they should be there, with bells on.

independent.uk: too many cooks, too many books.

aftenposten.no: a call for more ugly people on television. via artsjournal

ny times letters to the editor: another threat from 'the axis'? "one reason not directly addressed in the article is the timing of the admission in relation to the iraq resolution that was debated in congress."

ny times: increase in autism baffles scientists. looking back, away from this article, the increase around tom's river, nj implies chemical pollutants in the environment may be a factor. tom's river was ringed by chemical plants for decades, dumping toxic effluent into the ground and water table. later: my remembered info about tom's river seems flawed, or at least in need of an update; studies have discounted environmental pollution, and the finger currently points to vaccinations.

ny times: cia puts risk of terror strike at 9/11 levels. how come the 'color code' hasn't been hiked up by mr. ridge? or is there no cooperation between agencies ... still?

ny times: u.s. says pakistan gave technology to north korea. "... while north korea might have more advanced weapons, it could be contained through diplomacy and the 37,000 american troops stationed in south korea." my italics. north korea, aside from the unknown quantity of the taepodong II, has the ability to send payloads into orbit [icbm capability], chemical and biological weapons, and fields an *active* forward-deployed military force of 1.2 million troops (last time i checked). dick cheney, in a 1992 interview, says the korean penninsula could erupt into war in any 24-hour period. and now, they're nuclear. greeeeat.

ny times: gunman takes hostages in german school. i hope it's not andrea's school. later: thank heavens, it's not.

we've been having a longer-than-normal period of grey 'sheet' clouds here. strange for santa fe. but it bore fruit in some rain last night. can't see the mountains at the moment.