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mon 21 oct 02

reuters: sandia and cray will use the new amd opterons.

wish i had a higher-rez digicam; the clouds today were great. would've made some dynamite enlargements:

clouds, santa fe new mexico.

a link read on follow me here sent me looking for more background information on libertarians [top-of-mind, seeing as how we're getting overpopulated with l-bloggers] and came up with 'critiques of libertarianism,' and a faq. interesting. and, while i'm at it, here's a couple of links on jacksonian foreign policy. can't convince me jackson was a 'good guy'; my maternal heritage is cherokee. jackson didn't give a fig about our sovereignity. but i guess i'll have to get over my dislike and spend some time with 'old hickory,' find out what folks believe is admirable about the man.

archived the discussion area, so you won't have to load those 400-some postings anymore. until the next time i archive.

unexpected downtime ... well, that was strange. zope was still running, but wouldn't respond. i zope_stop'd it, restarted, and everything's hunky-dunky. was tearing my hair out ... no error messages, no nothing. running 2.5.1, maybe i need to 'clean it out' by restarting every week or so. dreams of 2.6 ... which i'll upgrade to shortly.

a couple of b-1 bombers, or one on maneuvres, have passed overhead ... loudly ... this morning.

doonesbury on weblogging. via scripting.

freshmeat [again]: middleman [filtering proxy], cream for vim, datavision [db reporting].

builder.com: improve client relations by dispelling project management myths.

guardian.uk: the head of bush's own church comes out anti-war.

upi: iraq oil resumption won't affect caspian.

chicago trib [reg.]: black colleges fight to survive.

time.com: karzai's new bunker. like dick cheney, i guess?

photosynthesis and the web.

pbs.org: the forsyte saga website.

environmental news network: majority of companies, waste treatment plants exceed e.p.a. pollution permits.

network dweebs: chrooting daemons and system processes, how-to.

rob galbraith looks at the eos-1ds.

freshmeat: php icalendar [ical file parser].

akakurdistan. 'a place for collective memory and cultural exchange.'

washington post: hitchens, so long fellow travellers.

boston globe: the man who wasn't there. 'maestro of the irrational.' we *believe* in patterns where there are none. interesting to read this, in contrast with the current armchair quarterbacking on iraq.

ny times: the gatekeeper for literature changes at the new yorker.

just an observation, from the studio tour yesterday. many artists are in dire need of edits. the tendency to display every single piece created ... or crossover from skilled oil to unskilled watercolor, say ... shows less skill than desperation.

telegraph.uk: art sales, the quest for quality.

times of india: blair pushes 'arms and peace' to india.

ny times letters to the editor: are greens pure, or elitist?

ny times: texas is beautiful this time of year ... all that poison ivy ... [apologies to danny and bing.]

ny times: talk shows prove key to white house. starve the press, throw them an occasional bone, and they writhe in glee ... gnawing it for a week.

ny times analysis: north korea's confession: why? "faced with the urgent need to fend off economic collapse, mr. kim's confession of a uranium-based nuclear weapons program appears to many experts to have been a pragmatic, if ultimately misguided response to an insurmountable obstacle: a bush administration that had little interest in engagement." he wanted attention?

santa fe new mexican: our city parks are dry, dry, dry. whatever possessed them to put down such a water-thirsty plant as bluegrass?

santa fe new mexican: los alamos national lab and the department of energy want to throw out a new mexican state cleanup order, and limit the state's ability to order cleanups. "... the state has no legal authority to require investigations or cleanup of any pollution that originated in liquid-waste discharges - stemming to 1948." just so you understand my upset over this, plutonium was found downstream of los alamos in the mud of cochiti lake, a popular summer recreation area. read it, and wonder if and when it reaches the supreme court, if the justices will uphold states' rights.

ny times: prague discounts an iraqi meeting. "... george j. tenet, told congress that his agency could find no evidence to confirm that the meeting took place." dump that assumption overboard.

cnn: robin williams in afghanistan. "here we are at the third hole of the afghan open. we can't play the 10th hole because it's still mined."

reuters: nettrends, back to basics in internet advertising. not 'back to basics' ... pah. putting paid listings in the midst of our search results. "search is the number 1 activity online ..."

reuters: an eighth harry potter book? it takes a strong, strong person to abandon such a popular franchise ...

anil dash: magazine.

happy birthday, ian!

crisp, cold dawn this morning:

dawn, santa fe new mexico.