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tue 22 oct 02

just stepped outside for a minute; dark and cold ... but someone's got a piñon wood fire burning. smells wonderful. my mouth hurts.

antipixel: steal these buttons. better-looking rss, xml, etc.

builder.com: internationalize content with xml and xsl.

bbc: screensavers crack medical puzzle.

independent.uk: bin laden's secrets. ... 62 britons, 30 americans, eight frenchmen ...

ha'aretz says iran and north korea are in cahoots.


time hunt. so cool.

new york public library picture collection online.

sabastio salgado.

physicslessons.com. wait for the nav bar to load.

roll call: war with iraq must be fought worldwide. what a happy thought: "the danger exists that iran, iraq, syria and the worldwide islamic terror network are conspiring, in one form or another, to convert the u.s. confrontation with iraq into a genuine 'clash of civilizations' pitting islam against the west."

datamation: linux clusters used in the race against global warming.

usa today looks at the new movie 'frida'.

the register: case mods go mainstream. or is it the continuing convergence with television?

the register: pgp reborn makes its pitch for the mainstream. the pgp 8 public beta is here.

just returned from only the first part of a long-overdue tooth cleaning. i now look like either chip or dale; take your choice.

gotta go. back later. maybe.

ananova: museum finds antique firearms were still loaded.

linux today: xandros desktop is launched. more on this from newsforge.

freshmeat: x file explorer, liquid for maya [renderman], wmdrawer, summary [interesting log analysis].

the atlantic online: everyone can be a snob. a better explanation of the 'darker' side of weblogging, i've never heard: "you can construct your own multimedia community, in which every magazine you read, every cable show you watch, every radio station you listen to, reaffirms your values and reinforces the sense of your own rightness. it is possible, maybe even inevitable, that you will slide into a solipsism that allows you precious little contact with people totally unlike yourself. but in your enclosed sphere you will feel very important."

bbc: clouds over bollywood.

guardian.uk: michaelangelo, you take this wall. leonardo, over here. get ready, get set ... paint!

times of india: princess diana, a tale of betrayers. her brother would not grant her refuge.

ny times letters to the editor: nice contrast to below. the foreign policy of s.u.v.'s. note especially #4.

ny times op-ed: are the saudis the enemy?

ny times: bush sees korean nuclear threat as different from iraq's. "... mr. bush said he was threatening military action against president saddam hussein of iraq because his case was 'unique' in that he had gassed his own people and 'thumbed his nose' at united nations resolutions for more than a decade." er, not unique. turkey has also used wmd's against the kurds, and has violated even more u.n. resolutions than iraq (in number, and longer duration). surely he can state his case better than this?

santa fe new mexican: production of new brain cells may affect depression. and here i was labouring under an old, cold school fact that brains don't generate new cells. speaking of depression: "this is not self-indulgence, this is not failure of will. this is as biological a disease as diabetes."

santa fe new mexican: i'm embarrassed to find out new mexico currently has no wind farms. that's about to change. i tell you, if covenants allowed me to have a wind generator on my property, i'd spring for it with a loan and pay over time ... we get that much wind. i could be well off the grid.

reuters: thousands of iranians chant 'death to saddam.' i'll up that ante, by saying 'death to fundamentalism.'

reuters: sharp unveils 'computer on glass.' suggestion: use pyrex.

cnn: civil war era artifacts gleaned from the wreck of the u.s.s. monitor.

much occuring this morning/early afternoon. sporadic posts.