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wed 23 oct 02

noli me vocare, ego te vocabo. *grin*

interesting clouds. now it's raining:

storm clouds, santa fe.

slashdot: humans use 83% of the earth's surface. read the comments.

ohmigod. just passed a link that blames environmentalists for the collapse of the world trade center. the ban of asbestos caused the early collapse. like snorting rubbing alcohol, that one ...

ny daily news: fresh kills memorial?

nasa earth observatory: diesel cars may be worse than gas cars for climate change. well, they sure don't smell better ... that's clear.

mises.org: the austrian school in the liberal arts. "... the ultimate goal of such an education is to know and practice the truth itself." pretty tall order, these days.

iht: the oldest teenager keeps on truckin'.

extreme tech: mandrake linux 9.

freshmeat: openldap, rule set based access control, stphplibrary, tikiwiki.

i'm having one of those days ... one of those 'anonymous poster' days. i hate that. kills productivity.

the spectator pans kundera's "ignorance."

sfgate: hemingway's cuban basement.

times.uk: empire.

ny times letters to the editor: do not let fear rule our lives. it would be interesting for the ny times to answer #2.

ny times editorial: the illusory prague connection. we need more than circumstantial evidence, mr. bush. america is not unanimous with bigoted devotion.

ny times: was troy a metropolis? homer isn't talking.

ny times: climate talks shift focus.

santa fe new mexican: new mexico on top of 'most stupid' list. no doubt, new mexico has its problems - and education is a big one.

ny times: the indian, reincarnate.

ny times: straight out of 'law and order' ... three nyc police officers set up an insurance scam ring. jack mccoy will have a field day.

ny times: alaska has a 6.2 earthquake.

still great cloudage going on. wish i could dump my workload and just spend the day taking pictures.