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thu 24 oct 02

off to the john williams concert ... see jah 'round.

if i'm too busy, if there's nothing else to offer, the least i can do is a pic. even better, i offer it to anil. i think he needs some beauty in his life at the moment.

sunset tonight:

sunset, santa fe.

on the agenda tonight: classical guitarist john williams and friends playing 'impressions of africa' at the restored lensic theatre in downtown santa fe. can't wait.

dark field subtraction in photoshop, for high iso digital camera shots. i have to jig with my little kodak to see if i can accomplish this successfully.

my cauldron is now frozen solid, spewing bits of ice and carbon dioxide. i put it outside.

got a delivery. that generated a spontaneous break from work, to play with the dry ice in the package:

dry ice.

fog this morning. fog is *rare* in the high desert, folks:

fog, santa fe.

times of india: iran talks missile defense. "... testing missiles with a 2,000-km range, capable of delivering chemical and biological warheads to targets as far as europe and north africa." and further, as well.

guardian.uk: statues 'defaced' by acid cleaning.

detroit news: iraq's precious relics decimated by thieves. scroll down and check out the pic of the gates of nineveh.

new york times editorial: the disgrace of juvenile executions.

new york times letters to the editor: charleton heston and the sniper.

santa fe new mexican: the ski basin got 3" yesterday morning. bet they got a lot more last night! snowpack is essential for our water supplies in the summer. bring it on, el niño!

reuters: california urges study of alarming rise in breast cancer rates. got a ddt/pcb problem in cali, eh? the 'studies' still haven't put that one to bed conclusively.

i've just got too much blasted work to get accomplished today. proper weblogging is far from my mind ...

cnn: two arrested in the sniper case.

ah, phooey. i had a long post there, but killed it in editing. i'll rewrite it when i have time.

amen, dave.

it's been raining here all night. apparently santa fe got dumped on yesterday, but where i am, a bit farther to the east, it came in waves. been a long time since i've awoken to almost-foggy conditions. fog is something you just don't get hereabouts ...