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fri 25 oct 02

sunset tonight (click for 300k version ... large!). enjoy:

sunset pano, santa fe.

princeton packet: the tokamak fusion test reactor is no more. "not only did t.f.t.r. greatly advance fusion science, but its safe, cost-effective and efficient decommissioning also demonstrates the promise of fusion as an environmentally attractive, economical energy source."

that's all i've got time for at the moment.

cnn: democratic senator paul wellstone and family die in plane crash.

fashion.telegraph.uk: a fashion show of ... nappies. not work-safe; naked males and females. i think. [wicked smile]

black world today: reflections on the tragedy in bali, by prince el hassan bin talal of jordan. "rigid and puritanical interpretations of scripture that are merely dry, legalistic theories of a dogmatic ideal can only be imposed, as they have no natural affinity with the fluid and progressive spiritual faith of ordinary believers. it may be that such ideologies are *only* capable of finding expression in the actions of extremists, for where else can they be understood?" amen. unfortunately, such fundamental religious extremism seems on the rise. the mix of revealed religions with politics has been, and remains, a potent and deadly combination. adams, franklin, jefferson ... the world needs you.

foreign policy association: 'nation building lite' in afghanistan. "afghanistan will be poor for a long time to come, but i see no reason why it should be ravaged by civil war. and that would be an enormous achievement." only 1,000 american troops on the ground? interesting.

an odyssey in print.

music of the magnetosphere.

i used to believe.

the american prospect: government by half-truth. "when congress returns after the elections, the north korea affair should be a key priority. the administration should be obliged to explain its conduct at hearings, and congress should be given an opportunity to reconsider its authorization of the iraqi war."

enn: world's tallest peaks face environmental, human threats.

new scientist: trees won't halt climate change. "this suggests that conservation of old forests is a better policy for tackling global warming than planting new ones." kyoto doesn't take any of this into account.

and newsforge looks at lindows 2.0.

onlamp looks at squirrelmail.

freshmeat: php spreadsheet_writeexcel.

wired: gun add-on sets sights on killers. an imprint that would be 'un-fileable.' though i think they'd have to register 'replacement barrels', as well.

came across this in a discussion area: pocket ai, digital mind assistant for pocket pc. i don't have one, but some of you might be interested.

the chronicle of higher education has salvaged arts & letters daily!

times of india: north korea flexes their new nuclear strength in diplomacy. they want to negotiate a non-aggression treaty.

csm: elephants paint for peanuts. $100,000 doesn't sound like peanuts to me.

bbc: rome uncovers topless treasures. pffft. we complain at the coverings on muslim women, yet cover our own 'justice' and other statues. on its face, it seems like the difference between islam and christendom is merely one of degree.

the art newspaper: legal group to fight 'retentionist' policies. "[collectors] .. see threats to collecting coming from foreign countries, over-zealous law enforcement and a public debate, which, according to them, has been driven by the 'retentionist' bias of many archaeologists." interesting to scapegoat archaeologists, when it is the source countries who are the ones interested in preserving and controlling the artifacts of their heritage.

ny times op-ed: krugman, the dead parrot society. rightists will hate this, of course. looking for the press to save us, when they are themselves controlled by profit-taking mega-corporations, is like counting on the titanic to float. the american press is *not* free, we learned that during the reagan years. it is for the american voting public to remedy, if they so deem.

ny times op-ed: dying for lack of nurses. "adding a single patient to a nurse's caseload seems to increase the risk of dying within 30 days by 7 percent."

ny times: the return to red ink. budget deficit at $159 million.

ny times: hair evidence in central park jogger case discredited. what we believed was scientific analysis just a few short years ago, turns out to be guessing. how many more innocents are rotting in jail, because of similar analysis? and death row?

santa fe new mexican: potters house case underway. no wonder 'running the gauntlet' of evangelical christians became easier in recent years. i didn't see the incident, but can readily believe the use of pepper spray was necessary.

reuters: antibacterial soap has no germ-killing advantage.

the john williams concert was excellent. the acoustics for live performance in the lensic are better than i'd expected. no muddiness. the musicianship was impressive, and the selection of african melodies and rhythms were generous. calypso, reggae and other forms have stronger relations to the african continent than i thought. contemporary music owes much to africa, but has not even tapped a fingers-length of their musical traditions, to my ear.

first clear, bright, sunny morning we've had in a while. instead of clouds, we have *frost*. i can see the back side (east) of santa fe baldy, and it's white with snow.