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mon 28 oct 02

vote-smart.org. get voting information on your candidates, as well as other info.

ever checked out trekearth.com?

ever correlated national illiteracy rates, education, poverty ... and terrorism? *pencils and paper* might be more effective, in the long run, than arms.

publisher's weekly: coalition files suit against the patriot act.

la times: a mc-culture clash. "what would stop other merchants there from giving up their space to pizza hut and kentucky fried chicken, which are also ready to pay high rent?" god forbid the world should become as generic as american urban and suburban areas. in this, globalization wreaks havoc. i wouldn't *want* to be able to purchase a big mac in oaxaca ...

ny times op-ed: saturated with violence.

ny times letters to the editor: a nuclear nightmare. not iraq, not north korea ... pakistan.

reuters: and here i thought forest fires were a problem. italy scrambles water planes to stem mt. etna lava flows.

i'm hitting the end of a couple of big contracts, for delivery october 31. gotta tweak and polish things up. blogging is low priority. postings will be patchy.