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tue 29 oct 02

the 19th century: the new imperialism. methods of control, motivations, justifications ... what's changed? i hear the strains of "everything old is new again" ...

cnn money: consumer confidence plunges.

that's all for now.

ny times: we are only one of many universes. "outlandish as it sounds, such notions are testable."

ibm developerworks: exploring alternative syntaxes for xml.

nj.com: 'freedom' arrives in afghanistan ... snooker, table football, video games.


guardian.uk: genocide film sparks controversy and ban on young. not surprising, i guess. in the 60's/70's, from 5th through 8th grades, we got pelted with rather harrowing holocaust films on a yearly basis. but the horrific black-and-whites didn't compare to the color carnage we observed from vietnam every evening on the news. for myself, it was the statistics, the unbelievable *numbers* of dead that clarified the holocaust; my realization came in 10th grade history, i believe.

os news: review of red hat 8 professional.

eonline: "jackass", the boycott. i doubt my nonattendance would help; wouldn't waste my time or money on this anyway.

freshmeat: apache denial-of-service evasive maneuvres module, youpee's one unlimited html preprocessor, the saxon xslt processor.

slashdot: intel pushes pentium past 3 ghz, but the real news is hyperthreading.

slashdot looks at dynamic html, the definitive reference 2nd ed. another phone book for my already-strained wall shelves.

ny times: in search of good health? try bad attitude. "defensive pessimism." yep ... we're seeing a lot of that these days.

salon: origins of halloween.

chronicle of higher ed: general education for graduate education.

washington post: cassette is dead. "blank cassettes were supposed to ruin the record industry, the way almost every technological shift is, at first, supposed to ruin the record industry."

ny times op-ed: the greatest threat. is north korea. and i agree.

ny times letters to the editor: cure for low turnout.

ny times: dangers of 'decorative contacts.' who could possibly be dim enough to share contacts? uninstructed teens, that's who.

ny times: u.s. crime rate rises 2%. "... one would have hoped it was an indication of improvements in society, but that didn't happen. the economy is a big part of the story."

ny times: bills by snail mail will cost you.

santa fe new mexican: panel votes to close santa fe plaza to traffic. it's a good move, but the question is ... will tourists *walk*?

times of india: u.s. working on a new generation of biological weapons. your tax dollars at work.

times of india: north korea intransigent over nukes. "... saying that nuclear weapons were needed for defence against the united states' hostile policy."

ny times: don't blame columbus for all indians' ills. agriculture and urbanization limited diversity in diets, and: "... hard work on low-protein diets left most people vulnerable to illness and early death." they're looking all over the western hemisphere, at pre-columbians. but this is of note: "equestrian nomads of the great plains of north america in the 19th century seemed to enjoy excellent health, near the top of the index." the noble *healthy* savage remains.

reuters: reckless driving is a sin.

reuters: pro-islamic hackers gear up for cyber war, say experts.

cnn: sites protest strict new net law. the real end of the 'free ride'?

terrible dynamic range, that. but you get the idea.


sunrise, santa fe.

up early, at six. lots of work to accomplish.