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wed 30 oct 02

a friend just emailed me the 'flesh eating banana' email hoax. two years on, it's still getting passed around ... i keep pounding in, over and over ... *google* the darn thing, before you bulk-mail such tripe.

i have three of those i'll be turning into a triptych to hang in my bathroom.

found some old black and white film in my closet, some 35's, some 2 1/4 stuff shot with my yashicamat. one of the cape may lifeboats, probably around 1990:

old shot of cape may.

i 'beat' fedex. all my files are on their way. question is, will fedex honor their one-day delivery commitment? the address is a ways out in the boonies.

a reader sends me some links about canada; travel advisories and border disputes with america: man jailed for cross-border gas trip, and canada warns some to avoid u.s. apparently a big story up north. thanks, j.j.!

speaking of feds, we've got individual f-16's flying over, doing all kinds of crazy evasive maneuvres this afternoon. what a racket. maybe the reservists are getting ready for something ... ? if i had the time, i'd sit outside and be entertained. nothing like a free air show.

burning cd's like crazy ... feds want everything i've written, programmed, thought, snorted, blinked ... everything i've used during this project.

can't do much more at the moment.

kuro5hin: portrait of a blogger.

times of india: north korea and japan sustain standoff.

times of india: u.n. urges demobilisation of child soldiers in asia. as young as seven.

times of india: russia to build world's first 'floating' nuke plant. barge it around to where you need it. if this 'chernobyls,' what a nightmare for the environment.

london review of books: rorty reviews 'truth and truthfulness, an essay in genealogy.' ah, do we 'acquire truth,' or merely 'produce consensus'? worthy of printing out, sitting under a good light, and pondering.

charlotte observer: jesse helms blocking webcasting fees. he feels they're still too high.

telegraph.uk: thick books. big margins.

globe and mail: "shoot me", in soho.

santa fe new mexican: does santa fe need more restaurants? i can tell you right off the bat ... we don't need an olive garden. plech. chain italian food, in a southwestern theme town? the generization of america, on the hoof, ladies and gentlemen. and no way to stop it.

ny times letters to the editor: north korea puzzle. even the left wing succumbs to the current climate of polarization.

ny times letters to the editor: risks of small aircraft. a king air is not exactly a 'small' aircraft. but for private planes, ballistic parachute systems have been available for a while now; they mitigate the risk if that one engine fails. some older two-engine designs abrogated their original design philosophy ... if one engine fails, the other engine is not sufficient to maintain anything but a controlled emergency descent. richard bach used to write that he'd never fly in a single engine plane at night, without carrying a working parachute. i think any experienced flyer would agree. it all comes down to training. as pilot-in-command, a single poor judgment can end your life, and your passengers' lives.

ny times letters to the editor: a war for oil?

ny times op-ed: dowd, rummy runs rampant. "osama bin laden is still at large. we don't know who sent the anthrax letters. another qaeda attack could be coming at any moment. the economy is imploding. the crime rate is rising." and consumer confidence is sinking. and health care is out of control. and north korea has nukes. and my ira lost money. on and on. depressing.

ny times: 'rudder risks cited years before crash.' and 'flight 587 probe focuses on pilots.' i seem to remember that commercial airliners are rated for a structural 3 g's. the boeing 737 has the largest rudder in the fleet; how come we don't have those planes regularly spiraling in? i still question the maintenance - and choice - of composites for commercial airliner load-bearing components. particularly when they admit they have no way of testing their integrity over time, without weakening the structure.

cnn: sniper's ex-wife, son support death penalty. not a 'terrorist,' not an 'islamist' ... just a seriously disturbed individual.

reuters: slow roundup sales hurt monsanto profits. drought, patent expiration on roundup, slow adoption of gm.

reuters: scientists "shake hands" over internet.

finishing a federal contract today; gotta beat fedex.