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thu 31 oct 02

magazine: microsoft weblog software.

cnn: i said it once, i say it again. the snipers were no terrorists; just disturbed individuals. i hear springsteen's "nebraska" in the back of my head.

cnn: atheist scout must declare 'belief' or get dumped from boy scouts. how silly. he should say, "i believe in a higher power. i believe in the i.r.s."

byte: comparing apples and penguins. as serving platforms. os x makes a decent showing, but linux still rules.

siliconvalley.internet.com: phoenix moves to 0.4. bug-squashing to come in 0.5, november.

california coastal records project.

the register: opera for freebsd.

denver post: now's "worst" list. halle berry's advances haven't made it to television yet.

harpers: in search of the educated american. "i'm saying that most schools of education are almost criminally negligent because they are sending these teachers into our classrooms, and our children are receiving a sentence. every day that they don't learn, they're being sentenced to repeat the lives of their parents." bang-swoosh.

commentary magazine: goodbye to europe? "it is a power problem. american strength has produced a propensity to use that strength. europe's military weakness has produced a perfectly understandable aversion to the exercise of military power."

times of india: north korea claims 'right' to nuclear weapons.

ny times op-ed: second frost.

ny times op-ed: they called it witchcraft.

water *almost* fell on the floor.

when taking private pilot lessons, i got in the edge of wake turbulence from a 737 while taking off. it was not a fun experience. the integrity of the airframe was furthest from my mind; i trusted that the manufacturers gave me reasonable safety margins from lock-to-lock on the rudders and yoke. wind speed, high-traffic tower instructions put me in danger that time.

ny times: now they're blaming the co-pilot. a poor metaphor, but imagine you're driving on ice, and if you wring your steering wheel from lock-to-lock, your front end breaks off. "oops. we should put a warning out for people not to do this." as if, in an emergency situation, you're not going to try every single possible combination of palliative maneuvres. wake turbulence is a known factor, managed every day. if the rudder can't handle the stresses, then the airframe should be beefed up. you lose a couple of passengers, sure ... but gain a lot of safety. much as the media discuss computer control from takeoff to landing, the computer wasn't helping right the airplane, in this case. they seem to be missing the point ... the copilot felt that those rudder corrections were *necessary* to get the plane to straight and level. nobody's modeling what would have happened if he had not performed those maneuvres. would we be forensically examining the remains of an intact plane, having crashed inverted, blaming the co-pilot for lack of responsiveness?

ny times: martha stewart profits fall 42%.

still got a lot of work to get accomplished. scattered postings.


happy halloween.