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mon 04 nov 02

interesting photo. not who you might expect, given the clothing.

sitemeter sure seems to be down, hard. [not anymore, 1:00 p.m., mst]

cbs: alaska quake shuts oil pipeline. erm, what about the population?

pagesix: folks on the block diss j.ho.

women's enews: pro-choice groups pull out all the stops to protect the senate. haven't seen much action in new mexico in this vein, but domenici is somewhat impossible to beat.

times.uk: welcome to the last frontier of untapped consumerism. china. i hope they're better than we, in the realm of consumer waste.

washington times: black leaders hit belafonte for slurs. "... this was something that, if harry would have said that to colin at a party, colin would have just laughed. but it was made into a national story."

historic asylums. new mexico hasn't any listings. i guess i'm safe?

the city of london churches.

smithsonian institution, department of systematic biology, entomology. conspiracy! washington is bugged.

dp review posts the full shebang on the minolta 7hi, and mentions adobe is going to be supplying a plugin for raw processing.

the register: axe man hacks man over hacking fears. if you've ever consulted, you realize a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.

wired: u.s. lures iraqi weapons experts. with a green card.

not much news, other than election day rhetoric. needless to say, get out and vote. if turkey can turn out 79%, surely we can do as well?

tikkun: elie wiesel and the question of palestine.

foreign policy: marxism.

sf gate: pianist alicia de larrocha to retire. we'll miss you. flamenco spirit is not just for six strings.

new york review of books: two tomes on arturo toscanini.

ny times letters to the editor: pay your bills online, or else. the last two are great.

ny times op-ed: why close races ruin politics. "but in these periods of parity, political considerations - and focus on the next election - tend to outweigh everything else."

times of india: british think-tank theorizes war in iraq would tip the world back into recession.

times of india: islamic party wins turkish general vote. 79 percent turnout?! america should be so lucky.


first snowfall of the season, santa fe.

oh, the weather outside is ...