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tue 05 nov 02

ouch. i'm back, i'm sore, i'm swelled up ... and i'm going to be a couch potato and mindlessly channel surf this evening.

more tooth trauma this afternoon; fitting for a crown. wish me luck.

the flowers are still trying to hang in there, as long as possible.

well, andrea, 24 hours later, you can't tell it snowed. except that its darned cold and windy:

the day after, santa fe.

blabbering; i've got work to do. vote already!

washington post: senator john warner jumps an amtrak. and wakes up to a very mild form of reality. ever ridden an amtrak packed to the gills, standing with your bags next to an automatic door that won't close? feeling the hurricane from passing trains, hoping it won't suck you out? and that, over ten years ago. oh, do i have stories from thirteen years of commuting. conductors tightroping on the arms of seats, because of the amount of people sitting in the aisles ... stops so sudden, the seats become detached. i could go on and on.

terebi ii is talking wind-up watches. i like my seiko kinetic, except for two small things. one, the wrist band links do not size correctly for my wrist, so i have one link less on one side, canting the watch at times. operating the clasp sometimes pinches painfully. two, the self-winder is the *only* method of winding. so if i haven't worn the watch, i have to sit for a few minutes winging the watch around to get some tension in the spring. it gets to be habit, but can annoy those in your general vicinity.

chronicle of higher ed: the dangerous myth of grade inflation.

washington post: 100 years of artnews magazine.

ny times letters to the editor: a hummer says a lot about its owner. the second is my fave ... "what's so daring about driving a military vehicle to do errands? riding a bicycle is daring." damn straight.

ny times op-ed, the two "k's": krugman, stop making sense. a reminder of where we'd be now if the senate was republican: "... permanent tax cuts for corporations, accelerated tax cuts for upper brackets, drilling in arctic national wildlife refuge, hard-line judicial appointments ..." and kristof, the left dumbs down. more than anything else, i disdain some of the left's descent into limbaughan depths of bootlicking, sensationalism and conspiranoia.

ny times: the serendipitous life of the solo voyager. this puts me in mind to start a road trip.

ny times: the importance of grandma. "... having a grandmother around sometimes improved a child's prospects to a far greater extent than did the presence of a father."

ny times: jewish defense league leader declared braindead in suicide. "mr. rubin was in jail here on charges of plotting to bomb a mosque and the office of an arab-american congressman." general comment: violence and terrorism fester in the heart and mind, crossing all races and religions. it amazes me sometimes, what goes on in this country of ours.

santa fe new mexican: down to the wire. new mexican election basic info.

this new york times article is titled to be about bush's final swing around the states, but has more to do with the voter-turnout strategies of both parties. new mexico seems to be a 'done deal', with richardson taking the governorship. not much money or time was spent here; yet i did receive that 'vote early' postcard from the republicans. the early voting stations have had prominent signage. can't tell how good or bad the traffic has been. my impression, after receiving the postcard, was that the early voting initiative was a republican-oriented device - so i've waited for election day, to hit the 'normal' polling place. i want to make *sure* my vote is counted; not 'lost' as some of the votes in albuquerque were, last election.

reuters: how women see men may vary with cycle. "words associated with men included arrogant, hunting, mechanic, strong and tall. terms considered typically female were gentle, cosmetics, lingerie, pink and skirt." maybe women just recognize stereotypes faster.

cnn: voucher students returning to public school.

cnn: jonathan harris, television's beloved "dr. smith" from "lost in space", has passed away. we who grew up with the show, mourn. you too, you bubble-headed boobie ...

no snow last night. most of what we got yesterday has melted ... but there are patches of ice this morning. no matter how solidly frozen, or how cold the weather, the sun won't let that exist for very long.