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wed 06 nov 02

photosig: bill's rules of photography. nothing to do with the previous bill, btw. read #21, and take it to heart.

billsaysthis sent over an article from abcnews, about a couple from new mexico visiting new york - who came down with bubonic plague. don't worry, bill. hantavirus and bubonic plague are things we live with every day, usually during summer (*now* you understand my war against mouse-qaeda terrorists on my property). believe me, i take precautions. the last major outbreak was in pecos, just a couple of miles east of where i live, among ground squirrels. that's bad news if it's in santa fe city proper, though the risk usually goes down when the temperature drops.


newsweek, the borowitz report: saddam unimpressed by g.o.p. margin of victory. got a chuckle out fo the last line: "i saw the democratic campaign that the republicans had to run against," he said. "if that's not running unopposed, i don't know what is." then again, saddam, the margins were so close, one can only imagine what might have happened if the democrats had found a coherent message.

bbc: wildfires blamed for greenhouse gas rise. "... the biggest annual increase in carbon emissions since records began." still human-caused, however.

slashdot: copy protection on cd's is "worthless." except to those 'protection' outfits selling the recording industry a pig in a poke.

reuters: new powerbooks, and new prices, from apple.

reuters: dna identifies 'unknown child' remains from titanic.

reuters: study confirms wine can cause cirrhosis, too. so maybe there'll be less whining about democratic losses ...

cnn: gephardt steps aside. *finally.* clears the way for something different ... i hope.

israel insider: ossuary is genuine, inscription is fake. via mefi.

all i can offer from sunset tonight is one lonely, little cloud:

cloud at sunset, santa fe.

economist.com: bush triumphs. the economist pretty baldly lays out the extent of democratic failure. yet they end it with the comment that 'local issues' were the deciding factor; i found new mexico's republican candidates fielding commercials showing them in local venues, but talking party platform issues. the democrats were going mostly negative, mentioning the lack of attention to local issues ... but not posing alternatives with cojones. just my offhand impression.

spicynoodles is experimenting with xslt processing in frontier and radio.

greenpeace: the weapon is the enemy. in reference to weapons of mass destruction: "the case against these weapons must be a moral one, not a strategically convenient one."

krqe: wilson victory tighter than reported. note, the democratic challenger was winning before absentee (likely military) ballots were counted.

come to think of it, if i'd tried to vote *after* my dental work yesterday, drooling and unable to enunciate, would they have turned me away at the polls?

papascott teased me about an issue in new mexico. kob-tv, amendment for 'idiots' and 'insane persons' to vote. it's been played up by national news and sensationalist commentators, but as the article says, "the proposed change would have no real effect, but would simply bring the statement in line with federal requirements."

paradox1x has more on the rendell victory in pennsylvania, and some lessons for the democratic party.

popular mechanics: evolution of the football.

edie: no alternative to fossil fuels. "... the study highlights problems with some would-be replacements, including hydrogen battery-powered motors that reduce co2 emissions from vehicles, but in the process of producing the hydrogen currently create more co2 emissions than normal fuel engines would, and solar energy that would require the surface area of the sahara desert to meet the world’s energy needs." not to mention what batteries will do in our landfills. note: no mention of geothermal, hydro, or tide-based technologies. may not be as comprehensive as they believe themselves to be.

fawcette.com: validate xml with a web service.


artnet: art vs. the artist. "... totally reviled by the contemporary art world for most of the last four decades, is now boffo, s.r.o. and a big future money-maker."

beyond unreal: xandros, linux for the masses.

booknotes goes black. forgive me; i'm still groggy from the dental work yesterday. i'd forgotten about the federal court appointments. pro-choice's days may be numbered.

guardian.uk: sense and sensibility.

city journal: the reform islam needs.

ctnow: the fbi has bugged our libraries. yeah, but who donated the copies of 'the anarchists cookbook' and 'mein kampf'?

ny times letters to the editor: left and right go for the jugular.

ny times: north korea says it may restart missile tests if talks fail. in digging a bit on the web, you will find that the threat is not just to japan. the latest version of their 'taepodong' missile should be able to reach the western continental united states. with nuclear payload.

ny times: rooting for thieves at cannes. review of 'femme fatale.' interesting how the reviewer boosts and cut the film at the same time. i guess one doesn't 'pan' de palma.

the tooth fairy and i have a lot of work to do before 2004. enough politics. you'll forgive me if i weep in my coffee for a bit, then start being a pest by sending faxes to my congresspeople. one way or another, i want my views expressed.

on the flip side, this may not be such a bad thing. we'll see if the republicans pursue their far-right agenda (instead of their moderate campaign speechifying) in congress, whether bush can really control the party ... and see if democrats can get their (expletive deleted) together to leverage the fallout, and win big in 2004.

the republicans were the only party who did any sort of 'get out the vote' effort here in new mexico, even though they knew richardson, domenici were shoe-ins for the dems. calling folks. driving people to polling places. where was the democratic effort? obviously in other states with closer races.

in retrospect, i have to believe the rally atmosphere of the wellstone memorial service hurt more than just minnesota democrats. i didn't see it, but heard bits on new mexican radio stations just by happenstance; i assume npr. days *after* the service. in moderate-conservative areas of the country, such 'boosterism' at a memorial stretches the limits of bad taste. certainly, some of the tone stuck in *my* craw (but i also thought it was the funeral, which horrified me even more). whatever strategy they contemplated, having a far-left democratic wing-ding a week before an election was idiotic on its face.

well, the sun's still shining today, even though i awoke to a completely republican government. as a democrat, i'm depressed. new mexico switched a republican gov for a democratic one; that's a positive. but we couldn't get heather wilson out of the house. darned close, however ... and still has a slim chance of happening (late and absentee ballots still must be tallied). it is big news here; new mexico is a predominantly republican state, with significant military presence, excepting santa fe.