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thu 07 nov 02

ridin' fence:

 fenceline sunset, santa fe.

 fenceline sunset with plant, santa fe.

impending sunset:

sunset, santa fe.

i don't mean to be conspiranoiac, but the risks associated with the sieve we call our u.s./mexico border should be patently obvious in our new 'homeland security' mindset.

cnn: south america's "tri-border" back on terrorism radar. said it before; the mexican border is enormous security risk. easiest access to our powerful cities on the west coast, and direct thrust to our heartland.

blogdex has a new look.

bbc: iranian academic sentenced to death for apostasy.

jordantimes: islam takes to the web after september 11.

national geographic: voodoo a legitimate religion.

new scientist: bunker-busters set to go nuclear. i know they want to start mini-nuke development at los alamos; i wonder if this is part of the same agenda. i will also note, in light of the election results, military contractor stocks climbed significantly.

xml.com: make your xml rdf-friendly.

of course, a complete re-evaluation of who is 'conservative' and who is 'liberal' is overdue. certainly our current administration is being 'liberal' towards corporate interests. the democrats were too conservative with their opinions in this election.

was the wellstone memorial a death-knell for the term 'liberal'? it has become polarized even in the minds of democrats. 'progressive' is the approved current descriptor, i believe. we are 'for progress.' there is no individual or group strong enough in democratic circles to rehabilitate 'liberal.'

sacbee: george will, an historic election for republicans. of course i don't agree with all the assessments, but here it is - the election, sans sugar-coating.

new blood, my dear dems. let's not dig up the old standard-bearers. their baggage is just too much to bear.

washington post: the return of dukakis? seems he's traded his tank for a train.

daily mail & guardian: three gorges dam project plugs the mighty yangtze.

bbc: book tribute to bob dylan. the 'picasso of song.'

net-security: honeypots, tracking hackers.

the register: ibm relaunches pc division. i still call windows boxes "ibm's" ... showing my age.

wired: forced vaccines haunt gulf vets.

slashdot: leonid meteor shower, 2002.

the new criterion: failures of nerve.

boston review: varieties of religion today. don't be put off by the title, once you click.

times of india: bush wants to disarm iraq without war, says u.s. envoy. offered to give flavor to the recent reports of troop ship and armament movements.

times of india: u.s. warns of new terror, suicide attacks.

the atlantic online: notes from antiquity.

yahoo: the 'mystery' of the james burial box may never be solved. the authenticity may remain a matter of faith ... for some, that's as good as fact.

i'll sit back and let the republicans revel. certainly we dems would have, long and loudly, if we'd ended up in better strategic position. in the meantime, i'm trying to decide who is best to support, in the face of environmental legislative changes.

new york times letters to the editor: republicans rejoice, and democrats reel.

ny times: republicans say rove was mastermind of victory. i heard karl speak the other day; when rove starts blasting off about reagan, the 'creativity' really flies.

ny times: democrats catalog mistakes.

santa fe new mexican: the european union accuses r.j. reynolds of 'aiding terrorists.'

santa fe new mexican: wilson hangs on to her seat.

the santa fe new mexican picks up the plague story.