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sat 09 nov 02

the natal witness: add bible and stir. 'truth' changes with each interpreter.

la times: raymond dasmann, one of the lesser-known founding fathers of environmentalism, passes away.

from an *old* scottish joke book i inherited: "the legend that george washington once threw a dollar across the potomac river has received new confirmation. he was trying to teach a scotsman to swim."

scotsman.uk: u.s. lockerbie lawyers to net upwards of 500 million pounds. 30% of each victim's takings. the scottish law companies are only taking administrative fees; maybe we should reassess old scottish jokes.

upi: central asia faces radiation threat. an object lesson in why we should never exclude the military from environmental laws.

la times: environmental issues no pushover for bush.

ny times: a few questions, mr. shakespeare.

dp review: phase one capture one dslr preview. what a name.

just watched an entire storm move eastward across the sandia crest, from open sky to obscured by rain, back to open sky. about an hour.

the waypath project beta. "... an attempt to network the weblog community, connecting weblogs that share common themes, ideas, and topics."

the nation: letter to an ex-contrarian. really, a mild rebuff to misleading generalizations about the left.

ny times op-ed: pulling a party together. the times has doubts about pelosi.

ny times letters to the editor: the new republican landscape.

santa fe new mexican: the tourist who was hit and dragged by a truck in santa fe's plaza has come out of her coma, and is recovering. the individual who drove the truck has multiple dwi's, and has the gumption to plead 'not guilty.'

santa fe new mexican: a cool $15 million sets a new record for real estate in santa fe.

the beginning of veteran's day weekend in america. rained last night, no snow. high winds; the clouds are galloping past my window, and i don't have the brain power to do much more than just sit and watch them pass.