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sun 10 nov 02

actually more saturated than that. more rosy-red. but that image took two pictures, one exposed for the clouds, one for the bright sky, layered and appropriate parts erased.

sunset tonight, pretty gorgeous:

sunset, santa fe, november 10.

heavy rains last night; there's snow capping all three mountains ranges, the jemez, sandia and sangres. pretty.

happy b-day, mr. noodles.

that's a good cue to go off and do something else. see ya.

cnn: too much screen time can make you sick.

sounds like punditry, as practiced on many weblogs; and sounds like the kind of person you'd do your best to avoid at parties. i hope i don't come off that way; i fear i do, at times. wisdom is knowing when to keep one's big trap shut. easier in person, than on a weblog.

and, : "opinionated people make no distinction between legitimate opinion and arbitrary opinion. all that matters to them is that they *have* an opinion."

ran across this in a thread, thought it was worth pointing up: "there is way too much [snip] 'advice' given by people who have never successfully done whatever the advice is about."