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mon 11 nov 02

zope.org: php parser.

the sangres above santa fe are white, white, white. looks like you could ski right now, though they won't open till thanksgiving. and the light as the sun went down was just gorgeous. no clouds to offer relief, so a photo wouldn't have illustrated sufficiently. you just have to be here, sometimes.

woah, come back and i'm deluged in spam. 4x what it normally is. i'm a 'spam veteran' on veteran's day.

off to do other things. finishing a new dining table, for one.

macromedia contribute.

spinsanity: making bush tell the truth.

rocky mountain news: dumber and dumber. "that's exactly what the culture is now; it has to be so outrageous just to stop the channel-surfing. we're seeing the equivalent of a culture dropping its pants and saying a naughty word just to get somebody to please pay attention to them - preferably 18-34 year olds." i sit on the couch sometimes, snacking on some tasty item i've prepared, ready to relax, and a commercial will air that is totally gross ... almost making me toss my cookies. off goes the television, on goes the cd player, and there sits my latest read. it's happening more often of late.

times of india: 15 million ethiopians face famine disaster.

washington post: frida-mania.

ny times op-ed: behind the smile. "conservatives have long reasoned that the only way to destroy popular programs that actually help ordinary americans (social security, medicare and so on) is to starve the government of the money needed to pay for them." are you ready to go back in time and live like the waltons, supporting your extended family?

ny times: a book says a painter was jack the ripper.

ny times: fears increase, but consumers keep spending. "the wild card that could finally snap consumers' optimism and send the savings rate back toward the levels it reached in the pessimism-filled 1970's, early 80's and early 90's - above 8 percent - is a war with iraq, many economists say." batten down yer hatches.

santa fe new mexican: there'll be a b-17 at the santa fe airport, for tours and *rides* tomorrow and wednesday. oh, i gotta go.

santa fe new mexican: santa fe plaza to close to vehicular traffic on tuesday.

cnn: antique railroad may run out of steam. i wonder that hollywood hasn't bought something like this, keeping it running. just for those occasional period train shoots that seem to always pop up in films.

cnn: three in amish family killed, during truck/buggy collision. sunday morning, probably on their way to services. no mention of the horses.

most of my clients are taking the day off, and so shall i.