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wed 13 nov 02

btw, if you're into the 'frida' phenom, then the next time you're in a bookstore check out imogen cunningham's photos of her. it'll be in the 'photography' section. you can find a few online, and i'd link them ... but their contrast is pretty poor, compared with the prints you find in the book(s).

two shots of sunset. top photo is when i first stepped outside, bottom photo is just before coming back in to warm up:

sunset, santa fe, november 13.

ny times: iraq accepts u.n. resolution. inspections start monday.

cnn: kaptur enters the democratic fray. uses the 'reform' buzzword.

cnn: elton john is going to permanently lose his glasses. won't be the same. actually, hasn't been the same since the release of 'caribou.' but i digress.

for those who haven't seen it: moveable type stylesheet generator.

i just have to say it - what on earth would i do without google on a daily basis?

on a cloudy day i can link forever. on a clear day, there's other things to do. back later.

slashdot: the film gimp.

chicago tribune: study raises a red flag on public health. our health care crisis is a national security matter, now. in the wake of recent insurance increases, i'm hearing of more and more friends, clients and others who are dropping health insurance entirely. for most i've talked to, it is cheaper to pay for medical care out-of-pocket. some are starting medical savings accounts. it isn't much, at first, but it's better than nothing. irs document on msa's.

khaleej times: islam forbids breaking of convenants. "traders who deceive customers by showing them a false sample or by concealing from them the defects of the article they offer for sale are not true muslims in the judgment of the holy prophet." so much for 99 and 44/100ths percent of western advertising, eh? makes me wish more muslims ran online ecommerce.

cosmiverse: "hot tub lung."

new scientist: iraq war could kill 500,000. but look at the numbers if nukes are used in response to a wmd attack on kuwait or israel: 3.9 mill.

washington post: lott's promise to bring up abortion worries bush aides. learn more about partial-birth abortions.

thom paine: gop cross-dressing on social security.

stickysauce: how to improve your link popularity. nice little item to print off and keep, for clients.

about.com: macromedia contribute, first look.

ananova: go cheer football at 'the dog bowl.'

diversity press: the liberal jesus. conservative fundamentalists, beware. is there such a thing as a liberal fundamentalist? i guess there must be ...

ny times: u.s. investigating biotech contamination case. "prodigene ... [snip] ... had grown corn containing some substance that it would not identify on a small test plot, less than an acre, in nebraska last year." my emphases. is it too much to request full disclosure for frankenfoods, even if not targeted for human consumption?

black world today: helen thomas condemns bush administration. "where is the outrage? where is congress? they're supine! bush has held only six press conferences, the only forum in our society where a president can be questioned." a good read. "dissent is patriotic!"

black world today: assessing the value of the hip-hop generation. "these cats drink champagne to toast death and pain - like slaves on a ship talkin' 'bout who got the flyest chains."

adrants: the economics of squadcar advertising. a police car for $1. imagine a porn sting with a 'britney' or 'christina' ad on the side.

msnbc: recalling the taliban, one year on. "religious restrictions have crept back into the administration, with the establishment of a religious instructions department, television censorship and attacks on schools for girls - some say with the approval of some in government."

physics of life. flash.



sunspot: campaign oddities. read down for the backstory on the effects of the wellstone memorial. the rally spurred *republican* votes and donations, not democratic. lessons to learn.

wwf: shameful decision on whale sharks. why can't folks find health benefits in something like, well, earthworms?

bbc: nuclear convoy, in pictures.

artnet: starin' at karin. another.

the register: remote windows desktop access with sharp zaurus.

the register: opera 7 beta.

slashdot: the economics of spam.

an individual couldn't understand my first post of the day. that's ok. you don't have to understand everything i write.

policy: andrew norton talks to francis fukuyama.

times of india: relativity, bad haircuts at landmark einstein exhibit.

times of india: meinhof's brain. isn't all crime a 'brain illness?'

times of india: missing uranium.

scotsman: charlotte church dumps manager mother. does this mean we won't be inundated with her music over christmas?

la weekly: the three ages of jacques derrida.

globe and mail: gathering of the gurus. camille paglia, susan sontag, george steiner and jean baudrillard.

santa fe new mexican: taming the perilous skies. a santa fean recalls his time in a b-17.

ny times op-ed: the six million dollar man. oooh, the times gets *sniffy* with an author.

ny times letters to the editor: dubious tax cuts, wily republicans.

ny times: government outlines plan for research on warming. "a broad, years-long research agenda ..." we know pollution is not good. we know it has severe local effects. we know it sickens the populace, increasing health costs. start working small now, while researching the big. i hate seeing folks twiddle their thumbs over minutia.

ny times: justices to review internet pornography filters.

ny times: ap photographer eddie worth dies. covered d-day. rest in peace.

ny times: should be a headline, stalemate ends in bush victory on terror bill. why a headline? it's "the largest reorganization of the federal government since world war 2."

reuters: will greenspan run out of creative aphorisms? this time, the economy has hit a 'soft patch.'

reuters: a puff piece on bon jovi in reuters. he's 40? it's now or never: jon bon geriatric. just teasing. who am i to talk?

chicago sun-times: the films of buster keaton. keaton came in handy, in my youth, when attempting to understand the word stoic.

cnn: pregnancy after menopause.

cnn: military amassing more 'secret warriors.' curious, to see our military in beards.

calf a. cough ee.