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fri 15 nov 02

rented 'a beautiful mind' this evening. made me homesick for my birthplace, princeton. but you know, nash wasn't all that strange. princeton had enough brains walking around, each with their own quirks. we kids used to hike around the institute for advanced study woods, and find white-haired old geezers up in trees talking to themselves. no, genius is a special gift, that needs gentle care ... and the entire town of princeton understood that fact.

washington post letters to the editor: in reverse on emissions.

ace's hardware: review of the 3.06 ghz pentium 4 with hyperthreading.

traction. fighting for traction on this workday.

three years of follow me here. congratulations, eliot.

the silicon underground has been playing with a recent mozilla nightly build, to check out the spam filtering features. thnx, timesink.

scientific american: food for thought.

five years of bump. congratulations, robert.

times of india: u.s. announces emergency food aid to ethiopia, eritrea.

bbc: radio reform unveiled. oh, you folks in britain are in for a treat. channel-surfing becomes useless, when playlists are virtually identical and merely offset in time.

la scena musicale: tomorrow, the world. the reviewer admires the mish-mash of world music. i worry about the 'pure' forms dying out, like our languages, our local businesses, etc.

bbc: an overview of legal music downloading services.

ny times: get ready for the hughes sisters.

ny times: intelligence criticized as fbi issues a new alert.

santa fe new mexican: "we are ready for any unforeseen event which may or may not happen."

reuters: house votes for an independent september 11 probe.

reuters: roxio bids 5.3 mill to buy assets of napster.

cnn: medieval mickey mouse. 'mythical creatures' ... devils to hinder the saint's passage?

cnn: our government says mercury in fillings is still safe. hmmm. i'm doubtful.

cnn: fur protesters disrupt victoria's secret show. i'd like to see the tape, to see if any of them were wearing leather shoes.

cold. a fine crust of snow on the ground, leaving grass poking through. high, thin clouds.