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sat 16 nov 02

scared me to death. there's an owl on my chimney, hooting. echoes all over the house. he's after mice. cool.

santa fe new mexican: more on our 'toilet tax.' the toilets purchased by the city may violate the city's own ordinance. replace the flapper, you've gone from a 1.6 to a 3.5 gallon flush.

if you haven't joined in jish's 'guess what it is' photo craftsmanship, you're missing out.

cnn: gore favors single-payer national health plan. before you poo-poo old al, answer me this: why hasn't the free market been able to devise a proper 'capitalist' fix on their own? 40 million is a huge market. where is an enterprising corporation offering affordable and reasonable health insurance? well, if corporate america won't do it, our government must step in. after all, with the risk of biological and chemical weapons (feeding the predominant paranoia here intentionally), it's a national security issue now, isn't it?

cnn: good lord, jfk was a chemical cocktail imbiber. surprised he didn't rattle and squelch when he walked.

but then, you didn't care about my day, only my latest sunset:

sunset, santa fe, november 16, 2002.

if you're curious, this is what i'm finishing, and where i ordered it from. the pop's experience has been great. the first table got bashed in transit, they cheerily sent us on a new one ... no hassles. and *polite*.

the instructions say to finish the underside as well, but i think i'll wait for spring. i'm already high from the fumes, and the top needs a second coat.

i keep forgetting, when using the flash, to take that blasted kodak lens shade/filter holder off, to eliminate that annoying shadow.

moved my 'curing' table pieces indoors. i would turn the table around and show you the top, but i don't fancy anymore polyurethane on my hands, thank you very much:

staining and finishing a table.

later: i've got polyurethane in my forearm hair. sticky. mineral spirits, i guess.

maybe some linkage later on, or some pix.

move along, move along. house projects today. even more, 'cause my assistant "elf" has twanged her back. a little staining, a little massaging ...