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mon 18 nov 02

cnn money: back to the '50's. does this mean cellphones will have rotary dials? erk.

brought some of the geranium pots in, to see if they'll survive the winter and add some color:

brought the geraniums indoors to nurse over the winter.

washington post: mr. resident. via mefi.

digitalmass: publish your heart out with easy-to-use web tools. 'four' blogging tools?

la times: self-immolation of young women on the rise in afghanistan. "for example, a 14-year-old arrived recently at the hospital in critical condition with only her palms unscorched. she had been given in marriage to a 60-year-old married man with grown children." next time we go nation-building, it should be a given that we enforce equal rights for women. part of that 'bottom-up' strategy, more generally theorized below.

ibm developerworks: using imports and includes to override xslt templates.

new scientist: stricken oil tanker springs new leak. "smit has asked spain, portugal, the uk and other european countries for permission to bring the tanker into a bay. [snip] but so far, all contacted countries have refused." so very sad. double hulls were being 'postponed' when the exxon valdez cracked open; if we'd acted then, this might not have happened.

national women's health information center: obesity alone can damage arteries.

abc news: tips on preventing cosmetic infections, allergies. ladies, toss that mascara you've been carrying around for two years.

foreign policy in focus: time for a new nation building strategy. bottom-up, instead of top-down. preaching to the wrong folks; our administration still believes in trickle-down.

does it work? reviews of those tv gadgets you've been curious about.

funk brothers webquest.

the echinoid directory.


msnbc: environmentalists fear new senate. and for good reason. my apologies; new mexico's unleashed domenici against the environment.

popular mechanics: the maunder mystery. "... researchers have learned the extent to which volcanic activity plays a role in cooling things down. this may seem counterintuitive. volcanoes, after all, spew thousands of tons of co2, the very same gas that contributes to the greenhouse effect." i'd really like to understand this conclusion better.

ananova: artists continue to push the limits in order to evoke an emotional response.

linux orbit: an apache virtual hosting how-to. 'one ip, many domains.'

linux planet: hotrodding an old laptop for fun and profit.

dp review: epson announces pim II plugin for adobe.

irights: spam filtering's last stand. which, btw, i have to thank volker, for giving his review of spampal's efficacy. i've been complaining plenty about spam, but not doing much about it. installed and happily harvesting garbage, thank you very much.

slashdot looks at the prodigene corn/soy biotech incident ... and ups the ante with a disturbing revelation.

times of india: record flow of indian students to u.s.

times of india: muhammad ali in afghanistan.

the nation: sociobiology and you.

ny times: this is a headline for an essay about meta.

ny times: don't count on the democratic filibuster.

ny times: judge ordered to remove ten commandments monument. "moral foundation of american law." he's wrong. and doubly wrong. worrisome that a learned judge wouldn't know such things.

ny times: 'full racial palette.' yeah. ever seen a full-blood native american on cosmo?

ny times: credit card companies seek new fees on web's demimonde. an admirable use of the term. worth a chuckle.

santa fe new mexican: the bark beetle has thinned piñon trees in northern new mexico. but we'll have to remove the dead ones this winter, to try to control the phenom.

reuters: buckwheat pillows may cause allergies, rhinitis. surprised noone's come up with a 'dirt' pillow yet. probably too risky, like the pet rock. you could go outside and make your own.

reuters: a 'runaway' black hole, heading our way. but don't panic. we've got 200 million years to figure out what to do.

reuters: the el-al hijacker planned a sept. 11 copycat strike in tel aviv.

cnn: "nude women spell peace." i hope in a day or two we don't see 'nude women get pneumonia.' later:thanks to herr dumbmonkey, the photo.

cnn: the navy's ep-3 will fly again. that is, the one involved in the 'china incident.' what a long time ago that seems.

oh jeez. reuters has gone hollywood. a complete cnn-style redesign; there goes the bandwidth. next thing you know, they'll be asking for subscriptions. yuck.

ooooh. everything hurts.