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tue 19 nov 02

enjoy your trip, cam.

ny times: television's tiniest stars. video cameras, disguised in screw slots.


washington post: back to the usual pork.

dp review: 1.5, 2 and 3 gig compactflash cards. so, who needs a microdrive?

maybe a little.

i have just no time to blog today. none.

times of india: iraqi fire on u.s. and british warplanes in the no-fly zone is not a breach of the new u.n. resolution. ah, the no-fly zones are not authorized by the u.n.

washington post: zines, in a zone all their own.

chicago tribune: a billionaire's ode to charity: $100 million to poetry mag. wow.

been out at meetings. gotta get situated, then a couple more postings.

boston globe: the phantom empire.

ny times op-ed: a green light to spy. so unamerican.

ny times: in mexican pyramid, clues link ancient cultures.

ny times: studies conflict on common herbicide's effect on frogs. another way to look at it: we, and our fellow creatures, are the beta testers for chemical and genetic engineering companies.

ny times: power of positive thinking, it seems, extends to aging, and frailty may not be inevitable.

ny times: judge's biblical monument judged unconstitutional.

ny times: a group links fuel economy to religion.

ny times: on the taxonomy of the naturalist.

cnn: navy to limit sonar. the whales get a brief reprieve.

cnn: woman bitten by shark off maui. oluwalu is a *great* snorkeling spot. you can access it from the sea, or from the highway. been there, myself. it's pretty shallow, until you get 100 yards or so offshore, then drops off steeply. a perfect shark feeding ground, especially if they get a taste for tourists.

reuters: sleep apnea and stuttering may be linked. this theory more grim than previous ones (permanently dead brain cells). i've manifested a bit of apnea as i've gotten older; i'll be following this up. the 'heart death' statistic is worrisome.

cnn: the oil tanker off the spanish coast has sunk. double-hulls in the next five years - not 2015. we want action to be taken starting today. this spill may dwarf the valdez.

cnn: we get what we didn't vote for. the homeland security bill gets loaded with special-interest provisions, and passed by the republican majority in the house. i'm surprised they have the cojones to put #2 in there, to allow government contracts to use companies that move their operations out of the u.s. to avoid taxes. unpatriotic - even immoral. if bush crashes in the '04 election, it'll be the republican congress that has greased the runway.

cnn: "flint" is dead. james coburn has passed away, "fast and happy." ah, 'the great escape' ... one of my favorite flicks.

booknotes has pointed up an excellent article about the bush administration's double-standards. "politics and gun land", from pbs. and read the transcript. is the gun owner's privacy more important than the average citizen? oh, but of course! all this, just to find a few sleeper terrorist cells? either fear is making our government paranoid, or there is another agenda here. truly orwellian.

with the moon so bright, the leonids were a let-down. got up at 4, saw fewer per minute than last year.

clients began calling at eight this morning. postings soon.