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fri 22 nov 02

atlantic: emerson, brahma.

the economist: washington's mega-merger. looking at the new department of homeland security. this is the second article in a week that tweaks the u.s. government for taking a top-down approach, instead of the more effective bottom-up.

anil's onto something great. gives me an idea about zope page templates, too.

that's all for now.

fling the cow.

bbc: smog laws save lives immediately. one hopes the bush administration is paying attention, but i fear not.

webmasterbase: modularize that damned flash site. don't make us wait for 1000 frames of your creative brilliance to load.

ibm developerworks: debug xslt on the fly. and, control white space in an xslt style sheet.

natal witness: the poetry of religion, zulu praise poetry.

la times obit: prince takamado passed away of heart failure. "... was known for enjoying down-market restaurants and low-brow japanese food ..."

ny times obit: earl warrick, a creator of silly putty, dies. he also helped invent silicone rubber. thank you, sir.

washington times: reporters practicing wartime journalism, in case the iraq war starts. reporters in training at quantico; that must be *some* sight.

time: shotguns as art. madonna and husband have a matched set of beretta over-and-unders.

femail.co.uk: correcting ear problems at birth.

style.com interviews daniel day-lewis. shaved his head.

black world today: the lynching of emmett till.

the secret books.

hunkin's experiments.


the moonlit road.

washington post: brilliant politics, at a price. "it's almost like they've made a conscious decision that you can't defend against all contingencies, so let's just cover the basic ones, and save every dollar we can for tax cuts." some will, no doubt, see that as a good thing.

nj.com: environmentalists object to fuel economy plan under consideration by the bush administration. this has *got* to be a joke, right? "the 1.5 mpg increase would be phased in by half-gallon steps beginning in 2005." turn a screw for fuel mixture, lean it out. there's your half gallon for that model year. buyer of the car goes to the dealer, complaining about hesitation. dealer turns the screw back to full. this isn't a plan!

iht: book review, the case against lawyers. unproven, for lack of anything other than generalizations.

unix review: absolute bsd, the ultimate guide to freebsd.

slashdot: another millionaire spammer story.

slashdot: farscape fans produce commercial. more effective marketing than wearing a pair of pointy green ears, eh?

wired: the new convergence. of science and religion, that is. "ever so gingerly, science has been backing away from its case-closed attitude toward the transcendent unknown."

cs monitor: native americans in hollywood.

chicago trib: a book of familiar quotations can never be complete. my bartlett's is one of those books that i can't live without.

sf gate: last gasps of salon?

msnbc: art charts how low venice has sunk. timely, after that very interesting recent nova program.

ny times op-ed: the sons also rise. "if the united states stands out in comparison with other countries, it is in having a more static distribution of income across generations with fewer opportunities for advancement." a meritocracy, for the rich alone.

ny times editorial: health reform, piece by piece.

times of india: i have to question why we are allowing the north korea situation to quietly escalate. north korea bars u.s. oil inspectors. does the bush administration wish a confrontation, to give juice to the missile defense program?

ny times: anger spreads along with oil along spanish coast.

ny times: approval of park drilling angers environmentalists. angers me, too.

santa fe new mexican: roswell incident had 'victims.' i may have to eat my words about aliens.

iht: in u.s. lab, researchers to create new life form. oh, i can hear ian malcolm (from 'jurassic park') now.

reuters: bush administration to release new pollution rules. ruh-roh.

reuters: folic acid for heart health.

cnn: guys, don't use that laptop in your lap. poor journalism; they didn't even identify manufacturer.

cnn: dozens killed in miss world riots. i'd like to know what role the clerics played in this.

billsaysthis and i had a conversation about visited links on this site; i'm experimenting with using oblique as a visited link style. couldn't decide on a color.

*sigh of relief*

well, you'll be happy to know that sandra's doing much better. her primary care physician is on top of things, so there's nothing to worry about. she'll be back to her smiling, happy self very soon.