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mon 25 nov 02

washington post: template for health care coverage. grants for states to set up their own systems. doesn't deal with the liability problem, however.

washington times: impending health care crisis. if all the republicans have to do is be able to stab the effigy of clinton a few times to give us universal health care, well ... go for it.

ny post: city's rent waste. $3,000 a month? holy cow.

third generation.

kramerica industries.

boston globe: free software vs. the goliaths.

msnbc/washington post: g.o.p. looks to push social agenda. senator lott: "the only places where these ideas are considered bad are on the two coasts. where the meat is in the sandwich, the rest of america, these are pretty mainstream ideas." scary comment.

just don't have time for anything else right now. later.

la times: high court to hear miranda challenge. "... oxnard police assert that the miranda ruling does not include a 'constitutional right to be free of coercive interrogation,' but only a right not to have forced confessions used at trial. bush administration lawyers have sided with the police in the case." welcome to our homeland, the police state.

chicago tribune: marvel comics recast 'captain america' as black.

observer.uk: here's your 'biotech nuke'. scientists condemn new gene technique. 'hypermutability.' if they do as well with this as they've done with gm crops, then we'll shortly be extinct.

miami.com: the a-10 still proving detractors wrong, this time in afghanistan. it's a great design for a warplane; it seems to me that it leans toward pragmatic tech, rather than whiz-bang tech.

sunspot.net: gore and nixon. interesting comparison/contrast.

bbc: another tanker incident, this time a spill off wales. *not* england, as i misstated. [and not a new whale, the old wale ... i know a wale when i see one. well, occasionally.]

dw-world.de: germans invent 'super sponge' for oil spill cleanup.

xml.com: w3c xml schema design patterns, avoiding complexity.

os news: an overview of the boa web server.

atlantic online: the sage of baltimore. reading mencken.

philly.com: night was memorable for the lines they forgot. sweating bullets too, i'd wager.

guardian.uk: the secret life of us. art, that is.

bbc: efforts to stop music piracy are "pointless."

on occasion, i field client requests for an independent form processing service that stores results on the server and downloads as .csv files [with a simple gui they can control]. after some looking, i settled on netformed. the 'free' services i used to recommend are all gone now, or have become so intermittent as to be a real liability to their use. in recent dealings with a specific client, the netformed folks have gone out of their way to address some glitches i ran across - which made me extremely happy. if you have a need for such services, give them a look-see.

ny times op-ed: whose hands are dirty? many of you, who share my generation and the use of contact lenses, have probably had run-ins with thimerosal-preserved lens solutions [though you may not know it]. i had a severe reaction to thimerosal, after only a couple of uses, that almost precluded my ability to ever wear contact lenses again. once again, looking out for big business, rather than the small fry.

ny times editorial: environmental war clouds. problem is, what organizations are best placed to oppose this madness?

ny times: looking for lock no. 53. excavating the e-ri-e canal ...

ny times: g.o.p. governors argue whether to stroll or steamroll. do read the last paragraph, and remember it in coming months.

ny times: center-right party wins in austria. later, haider.

ny times: problem of lost health benefits reaching into middle class. *knock* *knock* hello? anybody home? you only just noticed?

reuters: wal-mart sees sales at low-end of range. as i've theorized before, if you want to track average-america's consumer spending, watch wal-mart. between the short 'holiday shopping season' and our hovering 'recession,' these results may indicate an infamous 'double-dip' recession.

a really cold morning. low grey clouds. i'm sure the ski basin must be getting socked with snow again.