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tue 03 dec 02

think i'll go back to bed for a bit. feeling puny.

richardwebster.net: islamic antisemitism and history. note the influence of television; people believe what they see. what have you watched recently that you take at face value? also, here's a link pointing to text and commentary on 'the protocols of the elders of zion.'

telegraph.uk: harry potter and the sands of time.

chicago trib: british literary heroines strike a chord with u.s. women.

la times: michelangelo more a prince than pauper.

ny times: krugman, "hey lucky duckies." why progressive taxes? which is more cruel - 20% from $12,000 dollars, or 20% from $100,000 dollars? one guess.

ny times: another article on the 'james ossuary.' "sharp edges do not last 2,000 years." that pretty much sums it up.

ny times: yucca mountain, upon closer inspection, continues to horrify. nevada will be a wasteland in our lifetime, if the project proceeds.

ny times: industry seeking rewards from gop congress. mark my words; if such environmental/energy change goes through, the 'monkey wrench gang' will return in greater numbers than ever.

ny times: scuttle the bismarck! a small historical revision, really. bound to cause controversy in britain.

ny times: underneath, saudi women keep their secrets. "saudi women are very colorful a few layers down."

santa fe new mexican: rejected plan to thin trees in jemez mountains. "thinning" on trees up to 20" in diameter? here we go. logging, redefined as 'thinning.' we have a problem, and neither side is approaching the situation in an honest, objective manner.

reuters: british military suppressed ufo information. what is it with ufo's and farm animals?

cnn: peter garrett quits midnight oil.

i'm down with a bug. sore throat, blowing materials out of my head that would do good service on your average horror/sci fi 'b' film. i may dump weblogging and just go back to bed. i feel crummy.

guess what? it's snowing. right now. we've got about an inch or so on the ground, though it's not sticking to the paved roads at present. it'll probably taper off as midday approaches.

just a friendly reminder ... including today, you have twenty two shopping days until christmas.