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thu 05 dec 02

fullscreen quicktime vr of an underwater wreck. uber-cool.

pacific news service: congress rips off taxpayers over terror insurance. "the terrorism risk insurance act privatizes profit and socializes risk."

metroactive: frida, inc.

an older boston review article on photojournalism, 'capture the moment.'

feel better, hal. mine's still lingering, off and on. feel like there's a moose up my nose.

reuters: 'bullwinkle' animator tex henson has passed on. he also did "chip 'n' dale."

kind of interesting, too. i see i haven't used the word 'varlet' yet. an omission i'll have to remedy.

the lazy man's solution to full-site search, bill. you can now search dangerousmeta! via google's free site search. because the google logo is so huge, the little form widget sits on a separate page, via the right side nav. enjoy.

dp review: canon powershot g3 review. focus bracketing. in-camera nd filter. for some reason, the redesign looks like a fictional asimov robot to me.

sitepoint: create popup notes with dhtml.

macromedia contribute gets a plug from the new york times. i sometimes wonder about these kinds of articles; are they paid for?

la times: poll finds that turkish citizens do not support u.s. use of turkish bases.

new scientist: plague of pimples blamed on bread.

pagesix: winona a walking pharmacy. unfortunately, she sounds like a future candidate for the betty ford center, if she doesn't o.d. first.

cnn: star sheds light on 'great zimbabwe.' fascinating. history books glance over african history, but this ruin implies chaco-style architectural astronomy. i hunger to learn more.

oneworld: nafta equals death, say mexican peasant farmers. "the mexican president's aim would be to press the united states to eliminate its farm subsidies ..." and pigs will fly.

pbs, shields and brooks, 11/29, discussing the 9/11 commission as well as the impact of this year's elections on positioning for 2004.

nature: archaeologists and the storage of nuclear waste. how beautifully ironic that the examples here are from iraq.

guardian.uk: here's a familiar twist. "global warming is good for you." yes, but too much of a 'good thing' ...

theatrenow: julie andrews and christopher plummer together again.

daemonnews: lightweight ftp jail with nat.

cnn: at wal-mart, the $199 windows-less pc sells briskly.

courtesy of my brother, a group of individuals are building me-262's.

policy review: the intellectual origins of america-bashing. i've only had time to skim it, but it looks incendiary.

washington monthly: bumper mentality. "for every one life saved by driving an s.u.v., five others will be taken." i passed a '74 mg midget the other day, reminding me of my old '73 model ... and i shuddered at the thought of a midget/suv collision. from my audiovisual travelling days, i came to love minivans. no problem with male ego here. but santa fe screams for 4wd and higher clearance. everyone in town seems to have settled on the subaru outback. they're sort of a signature for the santa fe middle class.

times of india: 'earthquake mcgoon' found in laos.

times of india: the csi effect.

times of india: pallone urges bush to change pakistan policy.

can't find much that's interesting me this morning. state of mind, i guess.

ny times: the central park jogger convictions may be dismissed. new york state owes these young men.

santa fe new mexican: poindexter and the information awareness office. if you like sci-fi horror, with a jim carrey twist, read this.

reuters: united to go bankrupt? i miss eastern.

a restless night. much to accomplish today.

just a friendly reminder ... including today, you have twenty shopping days until christmas.