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sun 08 dec 02

pcpro: speaking of macromedia, there's a dreamweaver mx update.

econtent: macromedia introduces director mx.

upi: whither radical islam? "islamist extremists are no more than 1 percent ... [snip] ... 1 percent of 140 million is 1.4 million ..." with so many more moderate muslims, can the moderates control the extremes?

national geographic: south pacific ritual bungee (vine) jumping. letting your head 'kiss' the earth ensures a good yam harvest ... and probably, a migraine.

askmen: ironing tips for bachelors. read some of these steps, you'll wonder if the site shouldn't be called 'askmorons' ...

sometimes, i'm tempted to dump xmas for kwanzaa.

linux journal: linux and star trek.

promed tracks infectious disease outbreaks worldwide.

upi: civil liberty in an age of terror. a brief mention of the cherokee/john marshall/andrew jackson incident [linked before].

independent.online: poetry charts the course of african slavery.

freshmeat: myheadlines. have aggregator, will scrape.

csm: terrible tales from the company fridge. ah, i remember some young ladies at my former workplace in manhattan got so fed up, they planted a decoy cake made with ex-lax. the results were rather ... explosive.

times of india: winter blues, it's all in the mind. chasing serotonin.

times of india: china involved in pakistan/north korean missile dealings.

ny times op-ed: old fears in new afghanistan. "much of the money seems to have gone toward gleaming new offices and air-conditioned jeeps for the 1,025 united nations agencies and international aid groups that have taken over many of the villas in the wazir akbar khan suburb where osama bin laden's arab acolytes used to dwell."

ny times: arctic ice is melting at record levels.

ny times: grievous angel, busy ghost. gram parsons.

ny times: wind turbines are sprouting off europe's shores.

ny times: the liberal quandary over iraq. "... hawks like deputy defense secretary paul wolfowitz aim to use a democratic iraq to end the regional dominance of saudi arabia."

taking it easy today.

just a friendly reminder ... including today, you have seventeen shopping days until christmas. give the postal service a break; mail your stuff early this week.