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wed 11 dec 02

+ the proliferation of linkage is due to my testing out a few things. this'll be it for today, honest.

+ some general middle-ages links ... medieval/renaissance food page, 16th century renaissance english literature, a guide to medieval and renaissance instruments.

+ plans to build a tabletop trebuchet.

+ which reminds me, i heard a classical radio commentator commenting on gregorian chants, the ancient performers of which embodied the philosophy of: "noone leads. noone follows. everyone participates." my immediate flash: communism, approved by the church, once upon a time? heaven forfend.

+ the comte de saint-germain. "a man who never dies."

+ for those really severe server attacks, how about a milanese barbute or a pig-faced bascinet. great site, black knight armoury. or, build-your-own armor. these folks even sell gorgets.

+ historic fencing manuals. beautiful rapiers and daggers; i particularly like this one, though a cup hilt is 'safer.'

+ washington post: liar's legacy. "i should have been born a republican. it's even better than being in love. you never, ever, have to say you're sorry." unless you're trent lott, and your party is beginning to turn on you.

+ cbs news: war crimes witnesses can stay silent.

+ obviously, i've been hitting braudel again. speaking of which, when are they going to release "le hussard sur le toit" on dvd?

+ asian cholera pandemic, 1817-1823, asian cholera pandemic, 1846-63.

+ the revolution of 1848.

+ the okhrana.

+ the costumer's manifesto, the cut of men's clothing 1700-1800. my riding instructor has a 'new' 17-hand dark bay for me to ride. screams for a nice velvet riding jacket. next time i win the lottery, i guess.

+ reuters: daschle demands a 'fuller' lott explanation. mr. daschle needs to be a little more attentive as to how this looks. first he accepts the apology, then he says it was wrong, and now he's calling for further info? once again, the democrats seem disorganized, reactive not proactive. one would hope he'd at least given the congressional black caucus a chance to put in their 0.02 cents before he made a statement.

+ bookmarklets.com. other than interesting bookmarklets, the links page in specific.

+ business 2.0: if you can't beat 'em, pander to 'em. i know i'm going to get whacked by scott for this one. "how mcdonald's outlets keep the locals happy in hotbeds of anti-americanism." via an old friend from high school. thanks, kevin!

+ my brother comes through again with a great link. dan had a great set of moccasins, years ago ... and we've spent those years trying to find the manufacturers. dan may have succeeded: kaibabmocs.com. the rawhide soles rock; they last forever. *highly* recommended.

+ phew. posting's a bit slower, till i get used to the new way of doing things. i'll adjust, or i'll make the software adjust (grin).

+ u.s. department of labor: statistics on women-owned businesses.

+ webmasterbase: intro to css shorthand.

+ new california media: president bush visits islamic center. and al-jazeera is paying attention. these gestures on the president's part are *very* important.

+ economist: now two rogues challenge bush. iraq and north korea. not to get off subject, but really poor photoshopping on that lead graphic.

+ national women's health info center: colicky baby? endless crying ends at three months. "that seemingly endless crying usually stops by the time babies are 3 months old, and mothers do not appear to sustain lasting psychological impact from the noisy, often frustrating experience." i find this article somehat misleading. we found babies could be colicky because of lactose intolerance, in addition to other things. but a simple switch to soy formulas would often stop the colic. the 'psychological impact' depends on how you perceive a crying baby. when my family cared for children whose mothers were crack addicts, crying was the norm ... my late father could watch the evening news perfectly calmly while holding a screaming infant. come to think of it, however, it would explain his mild deafness later in life ... (grin) ...

+ guardian.uk: pakistan is being slowly talibanized. i still feel we're being short-sighted with pakistan; the last thing the world needs is a nuclear taliban.

+ the asian elephant art & conservation project.

+ sunspot: the nation's democratic governors, stating their case for power. "... mr. bush has gone far enough with tax cuts for the rich. if any new ones are to be enacted, they must be 'directly related to growth,' to stimulate investment in the nation's infrastructure, including schools."

+ unesco press: world's coral reefs are recovering, but for how much longer?

+ nando times: environmental groups sue e.p.a. to ban toxins in treated wood materials. arsenic in pressure-treated wood is one; if your kids chew on wood jungle gyms, they could drop dead. this is a long-overdue move on the part of the e.p.a. [ related ]

+ national post: climate change science v. the perversion of science. review of the book, "taken by storm: the troubled science, policy and politics of global warming." there are so many books, so much information pro and con. hard to judge, anymore. the individual who wrote this review has a site, climate change debate. judge for thyself.

+ telegraph.uk: artist starves to death in scottish wilderness. belay those starving artist jokes; read the article. adversity seemed her creative font.

+ dp review: kodak pro dsc-14n ship date slips to january.

+ freshmeat: sql load balancer, retro native forth.

+ national post: new york women and the 'sometimes boyfriends.'

+ weekly standard: the jesus market. "others could use a bit more context: 'because thou art lukewarm, i will spew you out of my mouth' ... not a sentiment one expects from a peppermint."

+ village voice: 25 favorite books of 2002.

+ chronicle of higher ed: literary scholarship in the digital future.

+ new york times letters to the editor: hooked on oil, connect the dots.

+ new york times: hybrid cars are attracting a broad range of americans.

+ santa fe new mexican: u.s. border hospitals say mexican patients are costing them money. "... u.s. border hospitals provided at least $200 million a year in uncompensated emergency care to undocumented immigrants, $74 million of that in texas."

+ santa fe new mexican: consumer reports says it finds chickens contain harmful, drug-resistant bacteria. "... 90 percent of the campylobacter samples and 34 percent of the salmonella resisted treatment by commonly used antibiotics such as tetracycline." tetracycline is a lower-level antimicrobial, if my memory is correct. not a cephalosporin. but this still is a shot-over-the-bow that shouldn't be ignored.

+ ny times: next house democratic whip criticizes past leadership.

+ ny times: major museums affirm right to keep long-held antiquities. if i were a greek, i'd like to have my heritage within my borders. yet i think of the bamiyan buddhas; if they had been out of the country, they'd still exist. i have no answers.

+ reuters: the romans didn't bring tuberculosis to britain. alas, the romans didn't introduce the caesar salad, either.

+ reuters: u.s. missile intercept test fails. [ related ]

+ cnn: lott's remarks on thurmond an echo of 1980. even so, pack behavior on the part of the dems isn't called for. balance. statesmanship. ugly mobs were for republicans in '94.

+ experimenting with permalink shtuff today, and trying out customized google searches where appropriate. you can thank rebecca for sharing some of her code, and sparking these ideas - thank me for the screwups.

+ cnn: us retaliation could include nukes. another tom clancy parallel. [ related ]

+ just a friendly reminder ... including today, you have fourteen shopping days until christmas.