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thu 12 dec 02

+ black electorate: strom and helm's legacy. linked for further interesting trent lott comments. the man doesn't need a sock drawer; he could use his mouth. chief justice rehnquist is no prize either, if you didn't know.

+ economist: a jurisdictional tangle. "... a tragedy, fragmenting the internet just as it promises to be an engine for global free speech and creativity."

+ pez cycling news: power cranks product review. cranks that spin *independently* on each side. holy crow. don't try these out on the road, unless you've got good life insurance.

+ topxml: date sorting in pure xslt and two-stage recursive algorithms in xslt.

+ msnbc: ohio state school board re-enters the modern age, and emphasizes evolution. maybe they finally realized modern-day antibiotics couldn't have been developed without familiarity with natural selection.

+ detroit news: obit, leonard niebylski, physicist held more than 200 patents. thank this man for the catalytic convertor, the radar deflection system on current stealth aircraft, ceramic engine blocks for supersonic aircraft, etcetera. another great mind, brought to you by a [shock! horror!] federal program, considered by many extreme right wonks to be 'socialist', the g.i. bill.

+ chicago trib: drug tunnel found at u.s./mexico border. ingenious.

+ new scientist: scientists exposed as sloppy reporters. "when they write up their work and cite other people's papers, most do not bother to read the original." it seems kinsley isn't alone. [ related ]

+ cdi: chicken, schmicken, "bush's legs" not welcome in russia. you just can't 'make up' weird news like this. "bush's legs." there's a new nickname i'll use ...

+ middle east online: you'll like this one. iran's khatami says the taliban and the u.s. are 'scissors against islam.' "the islam of the taliban belongs to those who are portraying god's beautiful religion as ugly, with their repellent views, backward ideology, fossilized habits and rigid-mindedness ..." sounds like pat robertson, jerry falwell, etcetera, doesn't it?

+ america's culinary history.

+ worldview desktop.

+ lateral science.

+ cosmiverse: forest stress linked to frequency of freeze/thaw cycles. "the n.a.o. [north atlantic oscillation] has been stuck in a positive phase for most of the past two decades. recent research attributes this holding pattern to a warming of tropical ocean waters, possibly due to the buildup of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere."

+ washington times: why civil libertarians are uneasy. a couple of these points were new to me, but they did expose a point i've been making forever ... bush isn't necessarily the problem, it's the buchanan who might come after him someday.

+ the open enterprise talks up php 5.

+ dp review: nikon announces dx digital lenses. designed specifically for the current smaller-than-35mm frame sensor. interesting move; does this mean no full frame, or that the dx line will be the amateur digital line?

+ wired: treetop blogging protests logging. the treesit blog itself.

+ ambrosia software: the plain truth about software piracy. via scripting.

+ booknotes: craig says link, and i agree. spank the donkey, and an italian reader responds. later: corrected.

+ cnn: u.s. has photos of secret iranian nuclear sites. not a single word about russia, is there?

+ washington post: a pass on pre-emption. to scud, or not to scud, that is the question.

+ globe and mail, books: dear (non)reader, it might not be your fault.

+ new criterion: does abstract art have a future?

+ the philosopher's magazine: how to be a philosopher. ouch, and double-ouch.

+ froogle beta. everyone's linking it, so why not? thanks, subaverage.

+ santa fe new mexican: does trent lott speak for the south? very well put.

+ ny times: bob herbert decodes "state's rights" for us, in "racism and the g.o.p." ... in my experience, i never met a "reformed segregationist." televangelist hairstyles don't inspire confidence, either.

+ i have back-to-back meetings today, starting very soon. i would not be surprised if there were a significant dearth of postings here until eve. run along, with my best wishes. later: double-negative issue fixed.

+ just a friendly reminder ... including today, you have thirteen shopping days until christmas.