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fri 13 dec 02

+ ny times: kissinger pulls out of 9/11 commission. excuses aside, i wonder if he feels uneasy about risking his 'immortality,' given the firestorm that attended his appointment. bush is running out of cold war and iran/contra spooks to rehabilitate. who could possibly be next? william casey would be perfect, but he's dead ...

+ marquis de lafayette, with the help of thomas jefferson: the declaration of the rights of man and of the citizen.

+ the lipizzaner stallions have a website.

+ ny times: butterflies' flights disclose free spirits. for some reason, this makes me think of the zhuangzhi {chuangtse) taoist parable, "the happiness of the fishes." scroll to the bottom, last five paragraphs.

+ from the wilderness: "an unfiltered report on current thought in the muslim world."

+ rollonfriday: survey reveals massive debt among u.s. lawyers. "... a long term collapse in the public law sector"? a bit melodramatic, to my ear. my sympathy runs more toward artists, for whom a school like the rhode island school of design can incur the same debt, but the immediate out-of-school prospects are even more dire.

+ cnn: former 9/11 detainee files civil rights suit for $20 million. "i was taken arrested put in solitary, confinement, shackled, strip searched." flag this story. there will be others, as detainees are released.

+ hello!: a leftover half-smoked cigar, smoked by winston churchill, auctions off for $4,000 pounds. i watch too much csi; my immediate thought was, "epithelials!"

+ women's enews is saying that the white house is waging war against women's health. interesting quote from dr. w. david hager, bush's suggestion to head the reproductive health drugs advisory committee of the fda: "... he recommends that women who suffer from premenstrual syndrome should seek help from reading the bible and praying." he didn't mention any placebo-controlled trials of this technique, however.

+ i'm catching quite a few damage-control articles on lott, bringing up racist statements of byrd, jesse jackson, farrakhan and others. diluting the current outrage doesn't address the fact that such attitudes need to be dragged out bodily into the light of day and utterly destroyed. zero tolerance. of course, if conservative commentators have delved into the 'everyone does it' arena, can the 'racism of affirmative action' be far behind? sorry, boys, those latest unemployment numbers give the lie to your rhetoric.

+ reuters: france paves the way for an ivory coast peace summit.

+ sourceforge: outlook (and outlook express) to unix (mbox) mail converter. like blades on a swiss army knife, any mailbox format converter is worth bookmarking; you just never know when you might need one.

+ hand-coloured alchemical emblems.

+ comparative mammalian brain collection.

+ exploremath.com

+ bbc: french sub 'nautile' to try patching submerged oil tanker 'prestige.' diving on a fresh wreck is bloody dangerous. hope they get ample hazard pay.

+ washington post: epa fines biotechs over corn violations. $10,000 is a deterrent? pah.

+ iht: doctor who supplied celebrities with drugs, loses license. winona's source des narcotiques. at the time of this post, iht title says "looses license."

+ seattle times editorial: painting a big fat target on ronald mcdonald. as an aside, nice clean ad-free layout.

+ zdnet: opera 6 debuts on mac.

+ where's my camera?!! a coyote, in broad daylight, is hunting around my yard, right outside the window. got some shots on print film; totally spaced on the digital. he's in a piñon tree now, munching on an ex-mouse-qaeda terrorist. i think. if i can get him in the clear, i'll post a pic. he's a healthy-looking specimen.

+ linux orbit: smoothwall 0.9.9. share an internet connection, securely.

+ ez publish 3 release candidate

+ somebodydial911: considering rss autodiscovery.

+ washington post: war, the reality that defies fiction. i was considering, the other day, what today's hawks and warbloggers feel about such anti-war vehicles as m*a*s*h ... and conversely, what hawkeye pearce would say about 'pre-emptive war.'

+ guardian.uk: pensioners write novels, too.

+ boston globe: cellphones redefine modern theatre. surely someone can develop a low-cost jamming device.

+ guardian.uk: why you can't get that tune out of your head.

+ ny times letters to the editor: health care's broken; who will fix it?

+ ny times letters to the editor: trent lott and the raging storm.

+ times of india: north korea slams u.s. for intercepting missile ship, and north korea asks the iaea to remove monitoring cameras from their nuke plants. an overview, too.

+ times of india: west african economic group condemns ivory coast atrocities. i read yesterday that the french are sending more troops to the area.

+ ny times: still conquering, with makeup and optimism. others are panning the new star trek film, the new york times merely says it's true to its roots.

+ ny times: porsche aficionados are a bit miffed. "a porsche s.u.v. will, perhaps forever, cheapen the brand."

+ ny times: f.a.a. tests system to prevent fuel tank explosions.

+ santa fe new mexican: natural gas prices soar to 19 month high. and it's 20 degrees here in santa fe, at ten o'clock.

+ reuters: iran denies having nuclear arms plants, u.n. to inspect.

+ zdnet: spam saturation hits 40%. the amount of spam i receive on a daily basis redoubled last night. unbelievable. much more, and i'll start retiring email addresses and making new ones. via broomeman.

+ internet feng shui. via mefi.

+ just a friendly reminder ... including today, you have twelve shopping days until christmas.