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mon 16 dec 02

+ skeptics society: crossing over one more time to expose medium john edward. "... pretending that the dead are gathering in a television studio in new york to talk twaddle with a former ballroom-dance instructor is an insult to the intelligence and humanity of the living."

+ foreign policy: an unnecessary war. "both logic and historical evidence suggest a policy of vigilant containment would work, both now and in the event iraq acquires a nuclear arsenal."

+ economist: a fixed retirement age is an anachronism. as if my generation will ever be able to afford a 'traditional' retirement ...

+ conservative columnists are announcing lott's political death because of a single statement on b.e.t. ... his avowed support of affirmative action. i think lott has attempted to trump his own party; if they dump him specifically as a result of these statements (as commentators are making it out), they will reinforce the concept that the republican party is the party of segregationists and racists. oh, this is going to be interesting to watch. of course, there's a lot of room for spin between now and january 6. damned if they do, damned if they don't.

+ nj.com/ap: lott and nickles show similar records in civil-rights votes. suh-prahz, suh-prahz.

+ i wonder what influence kean's involvement on clinton's "committee on race relations" had to do with this choice by the bush administration? an interesting circumstance. anyway. in my youth in new jersey, we considered kean a buffoon. i am biased; look for objectivity elsewhere.

+ cnn: bush taps former new jersey governor thomas kean as head of 9/11 commission. talk about picking a dud. grab your earplugs, i warn you. kean was a reaganesque 'touchy-feely' governor, who left new jersey awash in red ink ['half-billion dollar shortfall'] and the neverending soundbite, 'puhfect tugethuh.' the democrat who followed him, jim florio, was forced to implement a tax hike to make ends meet (getting new jersey back in the black), the unpopularity of which paved the way for republican christie whitman. bush is pulling out all stops on this 9/11 gig, scraping the very bottom of the republican barrel - and what a contrast to kissinger! from devious machiavelli to moderate gomer pyle. anyway, i feel this appointment is a boon to democrats, esp. in new jersey.

+ werner von braun quote, "basic research is what i'm doing when i don't know what i'm doing."

+ editor and publisher: today's lott link. mississippi newspapers blast lott. "... including his hometown paper, which on thursday joined the push for him to step aside as incoming senate majority leader."

+ guardian.uk: robert reich, the death of opposition in america. "the republicans have a network of conservative think-tanks, which produce ideas that are marketed and sold by a boatload of money and spokespeople." gobs of money and savvy marketing beget political success in america. glitzy used-car and florida swampland salesmanship works only until a certain number of people have been swindled. the backlash will come.

+ digital freedom network: violence erupts in east timor despite u.n. presence. the presence of the u.n. was not a deterrent, and they didn't show up until the mob had moved on.

+ times.uk: exclusive, the first hockney watercolours. "britainís foremost living artist has for the first time experimented with watercolour, having previously dismissed it as a 'wishy-washy' medium that he associated with sunday painters and amateur groups." such artistic prejudice predates our raging ego-bloggeritis, "it only has value if *i* do it." insert artist-as-deity, blogger-as-deity diatribe here. or maybe just acerbic comments on human nature. ignoring my tangential redirection, are the results aesthetically pleasing? the times speaks for the affirmative.

+ mozilla: mozilla 1.3 alpha. release notes.

+ 0.7.9 rc 2 update to ilohamail.

+ phpbuilder: php-enabled style sheets, and golden rules for optimizing your php pages. phpbuilder somehow got lost in my switch of aggregator versions; it's back in the rotation now.

+ iht: book review, "by the sword." the romance of fencing. add this to my wish list.

+ slashdot: nasa considers demanning space station. more p.c. to say 'depopulating'? 'depersoning'? or how about just simple 'abandoning'?

+ scienceblog: physicist says market crashes predictable; major decline due in 2003. "his previous predictions have often been quite accurate ..." batten the hatches, fasten your seatbelts.

+ the ecologist: observing bp in indonesia.

+ la times: firm uses tobacco to grow cancer drugs.

+ teen hollywood: bono is afraid of heights. lets *ashley judd* climb a 15' foot ladder for him.

+ time: sneakers for high flyers.

+ rc3: abstracting your skillset. ditto, python and php. wary of expending time ($$) on technologies that won't last, or won't garner a living wage in the job market. a sole proprietor for almost ten years now, i miss managing a team. the crackle of ideas across a drawing board. ah's me.

+ roll call online: bush in danger of causing a crisis in health research.

+ an opinionjournal article mentions the prominence of albert wohlstetter in bush's foreign policy. seeing as that influence is unfamiliar to me, time for a google search. lead to "bush's revolution in military affairs."

+ turkish daily news looks at chomsky. before you poo-poo, remember the u.s. has sold turkey wmd's, and they've used them on the kurds [scroll down]. doing the 'right thing', we should be pushing the u.n. for an independent kurdistan.

+ the register: new netscape to kill popups. maybe folks will stop the popup/flash site routine, as a result.

+ spiked-online: the age of manipulation. "what was torpedoed in modern notions of the self, mcintyre thinks, was the notion of a 'telos', the idea that the point of individual existence was a well-lived life - a life devoted to a transcendent good."

+ the most wanted paintings. polling for art.

+ times of india: iran hits out at israeli nuke program.

+ ny times letters to the editor: 'friends' in yemen? slam-dunk. and: terror, the library and the internet.

+ ny times: internet prescription sales rise.

+ ny times: biotech and the fda play the blame game. instead of a 'reorganization' to speed reviews, how about more money, more personnel, more equipment ... to do a more thorough job?

+ ny times: this testy economy refuses to be charmed. then again, with a crop of supply-siders in the administration, battening down the hatches is a darned good idea.

+ nuclear globe.

+ ny times: u.s. says russia helped iran 'in nuclear arms efforts.' okay, we've known for months the russians have been providing nuclear advice and materials for iranian power plants. why have a hissy fit at this particular moment? america runs an idiotic line here, because *any* civilian nuclear plant can be used for nuclear weapons production. ask france.

+ santa fe new mexican: will bones tell the story? exhuming jane mccrae. "doomed maiden. frontier martyr. murder victim. propaganda fodder. calendar girl."

+ santa fe new mexican: john o. crosby, founder of the santa fe opera, has passed away. santa fe is mourning deeply for this man.

+ reuters: 99 years of powered flight. took a long time for someone to get it wright.

+ reuters: wal-mart says sales at low end of expectations. i feel wal-mart is a bellwether.

+ cnn: clinton had plans to attack north korea. why should this be a surprise? but more important info is at the bottom of the article, recommends from lugar and lieberman: "both agreed that postponing action on north korea and focusing on iraq was not a good idea."

+ a short morning meeting, then postings.

+ just a friendly reminder ... including today, you have *nine* shopping days until christmas.