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tue 17 dec 02

+ gonzo guano gear. great name. caving equipment.

+ moonshine motorfuel.

+ the hooch page. "the usual response to first tastings of hooch are a sort of squinching up of the eyes, and the comment 'this is really, really bad tasting.'"

+ haggis recipes. link to tattie-an'-neeps, too.

+ not just a pretty face. describes hedy lamarr's spread spectrum patent.

+ voa: west african leaders to meet wednesday for talks on ivory coast crisis. good to see other neighboring african countries taking a stand.

+ iht: the world's most dangerous vehicles, and how they got that way. "all of the s.u.v. market was psychological, there was no actual customer need for four-wheel drive." that's for sure. ever take a jeep (in 2wd) to it's limit? come with me, i'll scare the crap out of you ...

+ iht: surf heaven, the next wave in fashion.

+ boston globe: got an eberhard faber blackwing 602? treasure it.

+ boston globe: oliphant, questions for kerry and the democrats. "so, john kerry, who are you?"

+ abc: the u.n. says global warming has produced the second hottest year on record.

+ bbspot: santa considering move to linux. "iis couldn't keep up when slashdot posted a link to that web-interface i made for turning rudolph's new l.e.d. nose on and off. that was the last straw."

+ the register: spring has sprung; a new desktop era for the mac? "... a really radical departure from the 2d file/folder office automation metaphor of the 1970s into a more loosely structured and spontaneous user interface more appropriate to an always-connected world."

+ internet news: bush signs e-government act. some interesting changes here, probably left over from al gore's reign as v.p. ...

+ africa online: religious clashes in malawi. "members of small christian sects in malawi have stoned and shattered the windows of a mosque when they clashed with muslims in nthawira township outside blantyre." the muslims condemned christianity, and the christians get violent. offered as contrast to standard news reports.

+ nandotimes: l.a. police may ban 'hot pursuits.'

+ zdnet: u.s. says no to aussie libel lawsuit. we can breathe a bit easier now.

+ cnn unfinished transcript: saddam hussein not the biggest danger to america. semantics, semantics.

+ andrea's weblog: physics fun in microwave ovens. oooh, i'm going to get into so much trouble ...

+ human rights watch: afghan women still not 'liberated.' forced chastity tests.

+ thinking positive thoughts for grant's mother.

+ remembering jim crow.

+ the abc's of nuclear science.

+ ny times: u.s. sets new farm animal pollution curbs. "... call for a reduction in water pollution by these operations but allow each farm to write its own plans and to keep them secret from the public." if you live downwind of a pig farm, as i did a few years ago, this isn't good news. the smell, after a rainstorm, would get your gag reflex going, completely involuntarily. not pleasant. this concept of secrecy in non-national-defense-related situations strikes me as something that should be illegal.

+ dp review: canon eos-1ds review. yeah, but you'll have to take out a second mortgage.

+ slashdot: nvidia unified driver includes linux, freebsd.

+ times of india: al-qaeda in canada?

+ times of india: china ships north korea ingredient for nukes.

+ new yorker: what dr. seuss really taught us. "but the fish is whistling into the wind. the mother has left, and she's never coming back. it's just us and that goddam cat."

+ et contact: the ufos in 15th century art. stretching, stretching ...

+ ny times letters to the editor: it's called logging, and we're not blind.

+ ny times: nature's secret to building for strength: flexibility. a good characteristic to have in life, too.

+ ny times: new premise in science: get the word out quickly, online.

+ ny times: more wolves, and new questions, in the rockies. maybe they'll spread eastward. in addition to keeping the deer population down, they also reduce the population of free-range pets ...

+ santa fe new mexican: nevada indian cave looter hit with $2.5 million civil penalty.

+ bloggus interruptus. crazy stuff going on in the office here today.

+ cnn: bush sets missile defense in motion. may seem benign, but this ups the ante vs. north korea.

+ it is snowing here. at least two inches on the ground, at 8 a.m., mst. more is forecast before evening.

+ just a friendly reminder ... including today, you have *eight* shopping days until christmas.