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wed 18 dec 02

+ filmwise: name the movie. harder than you think; clothes, situation ... no bodies.

+ disused stations on london's underground.

+ food production daily: 'latex,' the new word in eco-friendly packaging? oh, this one's genius. and how many people have, or have acquired, latex allergies? just the thing we need to be *ingesting.*

+ the register: the department of untruth prospers, says rumsfeld. can a department, designed to tell untruths, not exist if it says it doesn't exist? yeah, i had a problem with this one, too.

+ at the 'river of lights' in albuquerque tonight, in a snowstorm:

lit truck, river of lights at the albuquerque botanical gardens, december 18.

+ out to a meeting; back *much* later. you can hold the fort, right?

+ msnbc: iraq's nuclear suppliers named. well, not named. just identified. "... equipment was either sold or made by more than 30 german companies, 10 american companies, 11 british companies and a handful of swiss, japanese, italian, french, swedish and brazilian firms."

+ reuters: research suggests birds may be able to spread ebola. shades of west nile paranoia, i guess. no mention of mosquitoes.

+ reuters: unusual hand behind u.s./mexico wildlife project. across from big bend, preserving sierra el carmen.

+ gotta get some important work done. later.

+ zdnet: hardware acceleration for xml?

+ arianna huffington pegged it in 1999, almost four years ago now: six degrees of segregation. though helms is not innocent, certainly. and reagan's record needs less whitewash. i say again to the republican party, if you're cleaning house, what of chief justice rehnquist?

+ fighting the u-boats.

+ the washington times, green? epa targets sludge in potomac.

+ bbc: genocide warning in ivory coast. this is the second or third such warning i've linked, yet it gets little mainstream press.

+ guardian.uk: gallery faces prosecution over picture of a girl in the bath.

+ linux devcenter security alerts: mysql vulnerabilities.

+ ariadne. cms.

+ oxygen xml editor.

+ times of india: u.s. backs off north korea, for the moment.

+ moby lives: kinsley for president. "remember how, when asked to cite the book he'd [george w. bush] loved most as a child, he cited 'the very hungry caterpillar,' which was written after he graduated from college?" in my opinion, the lack of an even minimal read of the classics ends up patently obvious in one's writings ... and philosophy.

+ scotsman.uk: acting the part. for some of us, the act of creation is as elemental, and essential, as breathing. some must do it every waking minute. we need no conventional social reason to 'make art.' we just *do.* we need not seek approval, or appreciation from others [though few have strong enough egos to escape this trap]. we do not need to explain our work, either. then again, looking at below, there's a social responsibility that's unspoken, too. but this is for another post ...

+ guardian.uk: artist held after 'boxes of fear' cause chaos on new york city subways. stupid git.

+ ny times letters to the editor: indian tribe casinos. the white man would begrudge the red no matter the method of their success, unfortunately. history is not dead in the west; old prejudices get carried forward, fresh and new, with each generation. just like segregation.

+ ny times editorial: the rush to build missile defenses. one comment: this administration loves to ape reagan-era philosophies. this may be a bald attempt to cause countries threatened by the proposed shield to break themselves financially on the rock of their own paranoia. i'm not defending the missile shield; just posing an alternate scenario that's been lurking as a lesson of history.

+ ny times: consumers find ways to zap telemarketer calls. i use little voodoo dolls, with pins, matches and pliers. i like to hear them scream.

+ ny times: no loose lips, plenty of sunken ships. sonar mapping of the hudson reveals wonders, including a mysterious 900 foot human-built wall, that could be 3,000 years old.

+ santa fe new mexican: honeywell to close albuquerque plant, and move those operations to mexico. remember, it's 'patriotic' to maximize profits, even if taking operations out of the country. [ related, second link in specific ] speaking of which, i've been hearing more and more buzz about wal-mart lately. so many people have relatives who as employees have allegedly been screwed over by wal-mart's management policies ... i think there's a significant grassroots animosity that will break sooner than later.

+ santa fe new mexican: not to look a gift elk in the mouth, but not a mention of chronic wasting disease.

+ santa fe new mexican: prc votes to require renewable sources of electricity. cool. now if zoning would loosen up ...

+ cnn: rights group urges u.s. to not use cluster bombs. "a gift that keeps on giving."

+ cnn: russia 'regrets' bush missile plan.' the new york times on the subject.

+ reuters: patrick stewart, ready to boldly go ... elsewhere.

+ cnn: the loneliness of a long distance spacecraft.

+ reuters: lott vows to fight to retain leadership in senate. pick your poison.

+ u.s. news and world report, washington whispers: the lott buzz: gone in days. "... he might be handed the chairmanship of a key committee for 'doing the right thing.'"

+ booknotes visits 'the green faerie'. [ related ]

+ sorry about misdating yesterday. fixed now. with the new permalink scenario, there are a couple more things i have to adapt to.

+ just a friendly reminder ... including today, you have *seven* shopping days until christmas [including xmas day, for those extreme lateniks].