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thu 19 dec 02

+ bohemian ink. and, what is a bohemian.

+ suggestion for xmas, for the shakespeare lover: first folio, hardback or paperback.

+ slashdot: build your own mac.

+ reuters: amnesty international denounces human rights abuses in ivory coast. summary executions of civilians.

+ space.com: saturn and the moon to do a tango tonight.

+ ever hear of the 'defense policy board?' they were mentioned in an msnbc article, so i decided to see who serves on the board, and what they do. what a group! gingrich, quayle, kissinger, shultz, perle, etcetera. dan quayle, helping set the pentagon's strategy. now there's a comforting thought [spud (potatoe) guns?]. and i wonder if gingrich has come to terms with women on the battlefield. come to think of it, not a woman on this board ...

+ recursive. yow. via crankreport.

+ washington post: the bush administration may extend social security to mexico? "concern is rising on capitol hill - and even among some white house economic aides - that any agreement on social security could add a new burden to the benefits system, just as the baby-boom generation is preparing to retire."

+ guardian.uk: salomon pays out 3.2 mill for sex discrimination. the 'boom boom room.' jeez, guys, just *grow up.* i've seen this behavior too many times, in my years on the road doing a/v gigs. corporate headquarters as 'insulation from reality.'

+ under fire: images from vietnam. reminds me of the news every night in the 60's. reminds me of the two dour military men visiting neighbors, informing them of their son's deaths. reminds me of p.o.w. bracelets.

+ cnn: carville accepts lott's apology. but what does the naacp think?

+ national post: a 'very jewish' santa claus repays past kindnesses.

+ reuters: oil prices blast towards two year highs on iraq and venezuela. all this sabre-rattling is damned costly.

+ la times: e.j. cossman has passed away. you know this man; ant farms, shrunken heads, spud guns ...

+ canada.com: gold prices continue to rise on iraq worries.

+ isidore-of-seville.com. great. go see. via mefi.

+ bbc: afghans ban 'obscene tv.' no women singing, either. fear of sirens?

+ boston globe: thoreau, a trove of blackwing 602's, and candy stripes.

+ american prospect: post-gore democrats. please, not gephardt.

+ american enterprise institute for public policy studies: the human nature project. "... we should not and need not be blind about the forces which permitted us to perdure and prosper and which remain part of human aristotelian nature."

+ the new republic: review of kundera's "ignorance."

+ times of india: gaps in iraq dossier not grounds for war, says straw.

+ times of india: pentagon plans second missile defense system.

+ weekly standard: making it. "i'm sure they are learning important things from their professors, but even if they aren't, they are getting their money's worth out of their college experience."

+ ny times letters to the editor: latin america, rearmed. and, liberals and 9/11.

+ ny times: everywhere i look these days, someone has an article on cabo san lucas.

+ ny times: inmates go free to help states reduce deficits. 'tis the season to be a petty criminal.

+ ny times: judge vacates convictions in central park jogger case.

+ reuters: study shows pacing defibrillators may damage hearts. cheney may be burning out from the inside out.

+ cnn: china hits out at u.s. missile plans.

+ washington post: free speech, virtually. libel and the weblog. also interesting in that it gives you a basis on which to judge 'company bloggers' ... if you hadn't read the writing on the wall yet.

+ just a friendly reminder ... including today, you have *six* shopping days until christmas [including xmas day, for those extreme lateniks who take advantage of online gift certificates].