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fri 20 dec 02

+ off to hear a good choir. back later, maybe.

+ rebeccablood.net: the new politics of consumption, linkage and commentary. good things to ruminate upon in this brash, overextended season.

+ the new york times likes scorcese's "gangs of new york." even though i'm not a fan of dicaprio, i think i'll catch this one.

+ not that i give a hoot, but linked just so i could say: "permanent tedsicle."

+ washington post, filter: "blogging goes mainstream."

+ christian science monitor: the 'silver bullet' and depleted uranium's toxic legacy. [ related ]

+ camworld checks in from moscow. merry xmas, cam!

+ nandotimes: international poll finds u.s. more 'religous' than other wealthy nations.

+ national geographic: a 'surprise' comet enters our solar system. comet kudo-fujikawa may be naked-eye visible mid- to late-january.

+ stickysauce: working with text files in php.

+ xml.com: running multiple xslt engines with ant, and a data model for strongly-typed xml.

+ okay, maybe i'm wrong about lott.

+ headblade. don't do the 'swoop,' the 'sam donaldson', or even the 'trent lott.' try a headblade instead.

+ nj.com: hilary clinton urges f.d.a. to shut plum island. "workers used duct tape to seal off laboratory doors ..." hollywood versions of 'the andromeda strain,' this ain't.

+ dagaramusic.com. degara bewaa african music.

+ the image. gemstones, crystals, image technologies.

+ euclidean geometry, step by step.

+ university of wyoming: digitized fritz lang motion pictures. got broadband? enjoy.

+ university of pennsylvania: the origins and ancient history of wine.

+ washington post: e.j. dionne, jr. is thinking. that's good. "thurmond's g.o.p." states' rights are not a panacea; they are excellent as a cure for some ills, devastating for others. a clear platform on the subject would go far for the republican party ... if the dems were smart enough to beat them to the punch, they could own the platform. but i won't hold my breath.

+ slashdot: marriott to add wi-fi in 400 hotels, and spam-blocking engine for open bsd.

+ the economist: steven spielberg, a movie-making luddite?

+ nando times: once it's published online, whose laws apply? "... you wind up with a race to the bottom on the part of speakers to tailor their speech to the least tolerant community." a question of degree. this kind of self-censorship already exists in weblogging.

+ chicago tribune: origins of the current santa aesthetic.

+ center for independent studies: break out your jumper cables; fukuyama restarts history. drive it around this time, make sure to charge the batteries. *grin*

+ ny times op-ed: hold your nose and negotiate. iraq's been crushed under sanctions for ten years or so; let the coalition allies practice warmaking. i've made it patently obvious here long before it was fashionable ... it's north korea that concerns me.

+ ny times editorial: an anti-life crusade.

+ ny times arts: when light was captured. william henry fox talbot.

+ ny times: 36 hours in boulder, colorado. i need to get up there and knock around some on the mountain bike, sooner than later.

+ ny times: gene study identifies five main human populations. particularly medical interest in race and genetics.

+ ny times: of course, you know by now that lott is not. majority leader, that is.

+ santa fe new mexican: santa fe's new 'speed humps' are causing a bit of a stir. i say, "bring 'em on." we need more of them. lots more.

+ santa fe new mexican: truck seized in tahlequah owned by new mexico paramilitary school. "hudak is charged with illegally possessing 22 semiautomatic rifles, 22 semiautomatic pistols, seven shotguns, 22 large-caliber rifles and nearly 2,400 warheads for shoulder-launched missiles." the comment in this article that they merely 'lacked the proper permits' for the warheads scares the bejesus out of me.

+ reuters: greenhouse emissions dropped 1.2 percent last year. interesting concept; global warming could reduce the use of heating fuels, which in turn reduce the emissions.

+ cnn: women killed over dress code. when death is used as a punishment for differing interpretations of scripture, one has to question the morality of both the interpreters *and* the scripture.

+ dan's always looking out for my particular sense of the ridiculous ... "environmental protestors camp on dead trees." "... fellow environmentalists will bring food, and post her thoughts to her weblog until 'this insane killing of dead trees stops.'"

+ just a friendly reminder ... including today, you have *five* shopping days until christmas [including xmas day, for those extreme lateniks who take advantage of online gift certificates].