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mon 23 dec 02

+ sunset yesterday evening:

santa fe sunset, december 22, 2002.

+ snow tonight. it's already snowing again in santa fe. looks like a cold, white christmas. the canyon road walk is going to be a bit on the brutal side this year, probably less than ten degrees farenheit ... but that's never stopped me before ...

+ our virtual metacosm, the 'weblog universe' that observes our physical universe.

+ chicago tribune: senators support u.s. farmers against europe's biotech food ban. er, a total of *seven* senators want to force europe to buy our bioengineered products. since when do we have the right to force others to buy products they don't want? a 'smart' farmer would grow what's in demand.

+ black world today: native americans debate merit of creating own banks.

+ all africa: campaigning in kenya reaches a fever pitch, marred by violence.

+ digital freedom network: kenya switches off internet access. and, a week before elections. imagine this happening here; what would we do in the face of federal gags?

+ enough for the moment.

+ ny times: iraq and north korea may be top of mind, but this is the war to watch ... medicare to cut payments to doctors by 4.4% next year. after a 5.4 percent cut this year. the seeds of revolution are sprouting here, too.

+ webmasterbase: using regular expressions in php.

+ women's enews: 3,000 rwandan women await trial for genocide.

+ freshmeat starts a mac os x section.

+ chicago tribune: women are changing the face of the home-repair industry. it's that nefarious influence of home & garden television, giving women the idea that a home improvement project can take a single weekend, sans beer.

+ style: slideshow tribute to brigitte bardot.

+ washington post: bush and civil rights: words matter, but action talks.

+ la times: bush and civil rights: words matter, but action talks.

+ dan gillmor switches to moveable type.

+ tinfoil.com. early edison recorded sounds and wax cylinders. a 'cylinder of the month,' too.

+ classic novels delivered to your in-box, in installments. classic-novels.com.

+ oldchristmaslights.com.

+ earthscienceworld.org.

+ cellforcash.com. don't dump your old cell phone ... get some $$ for it.

+ nasa earth observatory: mercury in california precipitation traced to asia. geopolitical boundaries do not protect one from industrial pollutants.

+ linux photo archive.

+ wired: blogs make the headlines. "what we're seeing more and more are webloggers breaking niche stories, and thus serving as an early warning system for traditional journalists."

+ slashdot: microsoft to acquire macromedia?

+ chicago tribune: new generation of films disturb the definition of art. is it merely shock? do such things require illustration? what of women's rights? are such films 'selling' the behavior, normalizing instead of horrifying ... continuing to numb us to the extremes of behavior? the dust cloud in the aftermath of a bomb blast can look like a flower. is this art? is it art if someone died? this type of subject is one of my favorite coffeehouse/philosophical arguments. later: here's another news item, in the same vein.

+ globe and mail: whither 'star power?' hollywood, not nasa.

+ ny times: cyberspace artists paint themselves in a corner. 'the thing.'

+ wired: tech titan gives students a lift. "instead of paying interest - 5 percent on the perkins loan - she agreed to pay less than 1 percent of her future income for 15 years after graduation to cover the new loan."

+ boston review: taking ideas seriously.

+ times of india: russian minister criticizes u.s. approach to north korea.

+ forward: portrait of 'der fuhrer' as a young man. "it's harder and more disturbing to show his humanity and how it became poisoned."

+ david warren online: wrestling with islam.

+ ny times letters to the editor: new home for horses.

+ ny times op-ed: fighting malaria with ddt. i fear, in the face of west nile, we will see the re-introduction of ddt to america. best we can do at this point, is limit its use until definitive research is done, in reference to the effects of ddt on humans. leaving it a 'grey area' is immoral.

+ ny times: many tools of big brother are up and running.

+ ny times: ivory coast rebels threaten france with attack. they call this war ethnic, but there is a muslim/christian undercurrent here as well, which is being glossed over or unmentioned in most news reports.

+ ny times: among blacks, mixed feelings on lott.

+ reuters: human kidneys grown in mice. remember 'bones' and the dialysis patient in that star trek movie? maybe we'll see that in the next couple of years, for real.

+ reuters: joe strummer, of 'the clash,' has passed away. lyrics to 'london calling.'

+ cnn: u.s. fixing 'southern bias' at battlefields. wish they'd use strikethrough instead of delete ... it would show clearly how opinions have shifted over time.

+ first local government in the u.s. refuses to recognize corporate claims to civil rights: bans corporate involvement in governing. clarion, pennsylvania, is ringed with the effluvium of industry. i have walked the abandoned strip mines, seen the acid runoff. i think the revolution has begun! link the bejesus out of this. get folks to read it. via wood s lot. [ related ]

+ started snowing just after dawn here. a thin layer of powder (it being 15 degrees). the ski slopes, 2000' higher, must be pristine and in excellent shape.

+ just a friendly reminder ... including today, you have *two* shopping days until christmas. most ecommerce has a 3 p.m. deadline *today* to fedex gifts by tomorrow, in time for xmas.